#FOURNEWS | The Gourmet Cracco Crisp

06 Jun 2014
2 min read
Italian Culinary Giant Carlo Cracco has launched a gourmet crisp, in a new cooperation with San Carlo…

“The first rule in kitchen? Dare!”, Carlo Cracco

Illustrious chef, Carlo Cracco and San Carlo, leader in potato crisps and snacks, have given way to an uncoventional collaboration, whereRustica® chips are taking on a primary role in Italian cuisine. As a well-known chef in the Italian MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen, Cracco represents a culinaryauthority in Italy, ensuring these crips are not your regular snack.

In the debuting TV ad he warnsthe public that they should overlookpreconceptions and to be brave at trying new things, and offers then different ways of using the chips in their kitchens. “Kitchen is conviviality and must approach and relate people”,said Cracco.“To dare you must be open. It’s a state of mind: dare is taking a challenge in a positive way”.

Created in 1984, exactly 30 years ago, San Carlo Rustica® chips hold organoleptic and texture characteristics that deem it one of the best chip choice tobe used in kitchen. “Rustica® chips are thick and crispy potato slices”,he says.“They havea distinct flavor, but at the same time enough balance to be used in different recipes. It’s just like having a piece of bread on which you can put different ingredients”.

Chef Cracco proposes six different refined recipes with Rustica® chips. For one, he uses “soft ingredients, such as salted codfish, salmon, anchovies and seaweed” to balance the crips’ crunch (see image).

Susanna Vitaloni, San Carlo Vice President “Chef Carlo Cracco is one of the leading interpreters of Italian cuisine in the world. With him we share the pursuit of excellence, the attention to the selection of raw materials, professionalism and the passion for taste. His interpretations of how to use Rustica® chips in the haute cuisine are the result of a unique genius. Thanks to this collaboration we are sure to convince Italians that everyone can dare in kitchen with our Rustica® chips expressing creativity”.

Find out more about Carlo Cracco , and about San Carlo atsancarlo.it