#FOURNews | SUPPER time with Bruno Loubet

17 Oct 2015
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Award-winning chef Bruno Loubet and the London gourmet food delivery service, SUPPER, are teaming up to bring Michelin to your doorstep…
Bringinghealthy haute to your home

September saw the arrival of SUPPER, the first ever Michelin starred delivery service, delivering food and wine from London’s finest tables to your very own home. Offering an innovative service with cutting edge packaging, delivery techniques, and even a sommelier service available, this food delivery service aims to be unlike anything ever seen before.

You may wonder how this could even be a possibility with timing of fine dining cuisine being such an intrinsic part of the preparation, but SUPPER have found a way to ensure that absolutely no degradation will occur between the time that it is made, to the time that it is delivered. A combination of in-depth research, the use of revolutionary Japanese bikes that allow for efficient travel, and bespoke storage, mean that your gourmet dishes arrives in exactly the same state as when they left the kitchen.

Now the Hi-Tech food delivery service have announced they will be teaming up with award-winning French chef, Bruno Loubet to help promote the use of the app in other areas.As brand ambassador, the Michelin Starred chef will not only be encouraging the gourmet delivery service, but also inspiring London to eat well and avoid unhealthy versions of ready-meals and takeaways.

As a chef famed for his innovative cuisine and as an advocate for ‘good eating’, Chef Loubet knows that education is as an important part of eating as the food itself. When asked about his collaboration with the London based SUPPER service, he stated that, “One of my biggest passions is cooking for my family. It’s a sad reality that many just don’t have the time to cook from scratch after a long day at work. I grew up in Bordeaux as one of seven children, and as a family man myself, I know it can be tricky to juggle day-to-day life and still have time to come up with a dish that all the family can enjoy. Through my new partnership with Supper, I want to show people how important home cooked meals are for a healthy balanced lifestyle. The app is really easy to use and offers an unlimited menu every day from Supper’s team of passionate chefs and cooks, so there really is no excuse anymore!”

With a following that already includes Michelin Starred Indian Restaurants, Tamarind and Benares in Mayfair, and many more on the cards, the SUPPER concept is an excellent way to bring healthy haute to your home!

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