#FOURNEWS | Sihra’s World Pastry Cup 2015 Day 2 & Results

26 Jan 2015
2 min read
Sophie Cater spills the beans on the second half of the World Cup and the results we’ve all been waiting for, live from Sirha Lyon…
Day 2

Gautemala | Malaysia | USA | UK | Sweden | Argentina | Japan | Mexico | Italy | Egypt

6.30am and the teams were in place. The year’s preperation culminating in today’s creations.

Having spoken to team UK – Barry Johnson, Javier Mercado and Andrew Blas – I know that the pressure was on today. Both Japan and Italyhave come up trumps in previous yearsand for the UK team the preperation hasn’t been a walk in the park. Andrew, Executive Pastry Chef at Café Royal in London, stepped in as the ‘Ice Man’ (soundinglike something from a Marvel Comic) in only August, and there have been murmurs of there not being enough sponsor money to stretch as far as other countries.

However, heads held high and with faith in their wonderful skills and their Lion King theme firmly practiced, they beaveredaway to make the finest creations possible. Having ogled at yesterday’scompetition with the UK team all of yesterday, I have had some very sneaky previews at their masterpieces and, BOY are they great. (Go team UK!)

Being the impartial journalist that I am, however, I havesecretly been cheering on all of the teamsfrom within our Valrhona stand. I’m not sure the teams have been hearing my (quiet) whoops though, as most have groupies that have come from all corners of the world.Yesterday, Switzerland had cow bells donging at every other moment and there were horns and flags and screams of support. Today, Japan stood vehemently pushing their team on with suitable costumes, chants (that grow slightly weary after 10 hours) and flagsin their dedicated boxes. Just next door was Italy who had brought what sounded like 1,000 horns and an attitude that I can only guess would put a bit of fear in other teams. Mexico, Sweden, UK, Guatemala all had their own groupies giving as good as possible.

As yesterday dictated there were chocolate and ice palavas (Italy in particular had a nightmare with their chocolate Peter Pan sculpture breaking on top of their dessert plates as they were meant to go out and 20 minutes before the end of the competition), sugar situations and some exceptionally mind-blowing creations. Well done to all the teams!


Winner | Italy

2nd | Japan

3rd | USA