#FOURNews | Raw materials have never looked so good

24 Aug 2015
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In the latest book from Heiko Antoniewicz and Adrien Hurnungee, the authors have put Rohstoff, or ‘raw material’, in the spotlight…

By Rohstoffwemean, the raw, fresh ingredients that go into creating not only the author’s gourmet cooking, but fine dining cuisine in general.As a consultant for product development and quality management within the gastronomy industry, Heiko Antoniewiczknows a thing or two about the latest cooking trends and what it takes to make a quality dish.This is combined with the knowledge from Adrien Hurnungee, a trained chef born into a cooking legacy, who has spent years honing in on his style that promotes “individuality, creativity, taste and joy in cooking”.

By highlighting the basic products that are used within certain dishes, they then go on to show how these can then be combined and processed to create entirely new taste sensations.Many of the raw materials in Rohstoff are unknown, seasonal, and foraged goods, but show how they can form an intrinsic part of gourmet cuisine.

Comprising of over 400 individual recipes that set the scene for 80 more intricate dishes, all beautifully shot by photographer René Riis, the dishes in Rohstoff are a real tribute to modern day cooking.With a glossary on each ingredient used, as well as tips on when they come into season and how to utilize them to their fullest, the two professionals have created a truly complete guide to the raw material that goes into complex cooking.

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