#FOURNews | Porcine party at Amass

04 Jun 2016
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Copenhagen’s Michelin star restaurant from Chef Matt Orlando, Amass, will be holding its next instalment of the Amazing Pig Out and with the help of some other culinary greats…
The Amazing Pig Out is back!

Known for its spontaneity and thehunt for the perfect ingredient, Amass will yet again delight guests with the next instalment of the Amazing Pig Out. This time, theyhave invited some friends who respect animal welfare as much as Amassdoes. (Relæ, Manfreds, Bæst, Mirabelle),(Lyle’s London), Victor Wagman & Sam Nutter (Bror & Ante), Doug McMaster (Silo Brighton) and Mikkel Hasselager (Spis Min Gris) will also be joining the award-winning Amass teamand each will be preparing a dedicated part of the organic pigs from Knuthenlund Farms for a picnic-style party at The Amass Garden on June 19th.

A sneak peak at what’s in store and what part they will be cooking…

Shoulders | James Lowe

Offal & Head | Victor Wagman and Sam Nutter

Hind Legs | Christian Puglisi

Loins | Doug McMaster

Whole pig | Mikkel Hasselager

Belly | Matt Orlando

Why does animal welfare matter? Happy pigs, like other animals, are tasty pigs. How do we know? Because youcan taste the difference. At Amass, the teambelieves that ethical livestock practices and deliciousness go hand in hand. By buying and eating properly raised livestock, theysupport a food system that can and does prioritize the health of the environment, animals and humans.It’s also a small price to pay for asking our purveyors for products at the peak of their deliciousness – and this constantly changing menu means that a challenge is always welcomed atAmass.

50 DKK of each ticket sold will benefit the Amass Green Kids Program. The Green Kids Program is a farm-to-table program for at-risk youth in Copenhagen. By helping children understand food systems, hopefully we can ensure healthier and more sustainable eating habits and preserve the food we love now and in the future.

To find out more about tickets, click here…

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