#FOURNews | Paris welcomes Champeaux, the new Alain Ducasse brasserie

17 Feb 2016
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The new Alain Ducasse brasserie in Paris is named after the infamous restaurant Champeaux that was founded in 1800 and pays homage to the Belle Epoque…
Modern -Savoury –Casual

Beginning of April, Alain Ducasse Entreprise and Olivier Maurey from Ludéric Evenement will launch Champeaux, a contemporary brasserie located under the Canopée in Forum des Halles, in front of the Jardin Nelson Mandela, opposite Saint-Eustache church.A wide- open and sun-drenched space created by designers group Ciguë, offering a delicious and relaxed atmosphere, in tune with the neighbourhood.

The name of the new institution is a reference to the location where, in the XIIth century, Louis VI established the large market which would become the precursor to the Halles.It is also a tribute to the restaurant Champeaux, founded in 1800, which was located beside the Bourse. The logo of the new restaurant, opening in the spring, is inspired – yet modernised – by the elegant typography of the Belle Époque Champeaux.

For the Menu, Alain Ducasse borrows from the great market brasserie tradition with gusto, merrily propelling it into our current time. All the signature “Canaille” cuisine is represented: snails, oysters, boudins, tartars… – in a new contemporary version. The sauces are lighter, the condiments have more flavour and the desserts contain less sugar.Enough to seduce the locals, as well as the countless visiting guests.

The interior design is in tune with the new face of the Forum des Halles. Located under the Canopée – designed by Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti – interiors are created by the Ciguë designers to whom Alain Ducasse had already, in 2014, intrusted the design for the Comptoir du Chocolat Alain Ducasse, rue Saint-Benoît in Paris. The space is very bright, thanks to the large bay windows through which the light pours in.
Pure lines and raw materials give the venue both a warm and contemporary atmosphere. A monumental display panel of metal slats, identical to those used in airports, is the space’s strong element – a sort of slate 2.0 – which displays information relating to the menu and the dishes, during the service.

The new eatery from Alain Ducasse will open at thebeginning of April 2016 with seating for180 guests indoors – 80 guests on the terrace.


12 Passage de la Canopee (au forum des Halles)