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01 Jul 2015
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Legendary chef Guy Savoy and his pastry chef, Christian Boudard open their first pastry shop dedicated entirely to buns…brioche buns!
A tasteof brioche

Many have probably wondered why Guy Savoy has decided to open a shop that focuses exclusively on all things brioche, but the answer really is quite simple.

Other than the obvious answer that brioche is really rather delicious, the story behind Goût de brioche dates back to Guy’s time as an apprentice chef. The clients loved the delicious, flaky mushroom brioche that accompanied his signature artichoke and black truffle soup so much so that they kept asking for more. As demand increased, Savoy realised that he had a real recipe for success with these scrumptious buns.

The winning combination of the soft, subtly sweet pastry with its flaky and light texture makes brioche a versatile nibble. Brioche acts as the perfect partner for any of the sweet toppings that Goût de brioche offers such as candied fruit, pistachio and apricot or pink praline, whilst also being able to withstand the hearty savoury options such as mushrooms or parmesan.

With a constantly changing menu, Goût de brioche keeps our brioche cravings on their toes and leaves us always wanting more. For this reason the pastry craftsman behind the buns, Christian Boudard, not only offers individual buns, but also a ‘cake’ of buns that can serve between 6-8 people…or one once you realise how good they are.

For a chance to experience a taste of these incredible brioche buns within an equally beautiful setting then make sure you go between Wednesday and Sunday as these are the only days it opens for business.

With a venue that has been designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte which includes an array of sparkling mirrors, oak and marble finishes and crystal clear cloche’s as far as the eye can see to display the mouthwatering baked goodies, you will no doubt find it hard to leave!

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