#FOURNews | Nucleus – the exclusive new heart of Sat Bains

11 Jun 2015
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The new gastronomic experience at Sat Bains, that allows guests exclusive access to the culinary epicentre of the two Michelin star restaurant.

The new dining concept at Restaurant Sat Bains is a fabulous idea that essentially creates a restaurant within a restaurant.

Nucleus, the new edition to the venue, will sit within the heart of the already existing Michelin star restaurant and offer a smalldining group the chance to gain insight and full visual access of the kitchen’s creative team. The intimate experience will allow guests to watch as the chefs create their food and see what makes the two Michelin star restaurant tick.

While the chefs are hard at work preparing their dishes, 6 guests will enjoy the gastronomic experience from their exclusive, self-contained dining facility, which essentially acts as a private cocoon within the entirety of the main restaurant.Sat Bains explains,

“I have always endeavoured to bring a true taste of what it is to eat here in the East Midlands – to give people a sense of place. To this end the restaurant has become like one giant jigsaw puzzle. So many pieces make up the bigger picture and with Nucleus, we hope to give our guests another dimension in our journey of Taste, Texture, Temperature.”

Satwant Singh “Sat” Bains, the British Chef proprietor of the two Michelin star restaurant will host Nucleus’s grand opening tomorrow with a celebratory tasting menu. The seasonal menu’s on offer will either comprise of seven-course lunches or ten-course dinners and include dishes exclusively prepared for Nucleus such as; peppered steak – aged beef, roscoff onions, nasturtium, potato or roast monkfish, sweetcorn relish, chicken juices, as well as highlights from the main restaurant which include tasty offerings like scallops, braised pigs trotter, ponzu jelly or strawberries, vanilla, lemon verbena

The incredible new space that will open on the 12th June, is not only an inner sanctum that aims to enhance and evolve what a gastronomic experience can be, but is also part of an on-going project that Sat has to ensure maximum respect for the environment.

The concept for Nucleus was conceived from a partnership with University of Nottingham as part of a proposal to maximise the restaurant’s energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Therefore not only is the restaurant a dedicated outlet for the culinary arts, but also to the preservation of its environment.

For an amazing new gastronomic experience then head to Nucleus and let the magic unfold.

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