#FOURNews | ‘Noma: my perfect storm’ documentary launches Indiegogo campaign today

18 May 2015
2 min read
Pierre Deschamps hotly anticipated film that goes behind the scenes of one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma, has started his campaign today so that he can finally complete the long awaited project.
‘Noma:my perfect storm’ | Pierre Deschamps

After 3 years in the making, Pierre Deschamps finally has all the footage necessary to compile the thought-provoking documentary based around the infamous restaurant, Noma, Copenhagen.

Deschamps gained exclusive rights to film the inner workings of Noma and the work of Rene Redzepi in order to capture the essence of the restaurant, and how it has ascertained global success.

“I filmed at Noma over a period of 33 months. I worked mainly solo, filming behind the scenes in the kitchens, which allowed me to assimilate myself and my camera with the rest of the team with greater ease. I was able to capture the essence of René and the team’s approach, to understand the new Nordic cuisine and what it means to create a wholly original culinary language”, said Pierre Deschamps.

As a trained chef himself, it dawned on Pierre that if he really wanted to understand what it is that makes Rene Redzepi such a phenomenal chef, he would need to immerse himself completely into the Nomaroutine in order to really get under his skin.

Taking its title, ‘Noma: My Perfect Storm’, from a story once told to Redzepi by a Norwegian fisherman it is said that,

A perfect storm is a storm in which the sky and sea seem to flow together, and Ragnarok (in Nordic Mythology, the end of the world) is around the corner. Everything goes wrong. You are about to give up. But you continue, even though your strength is almost exhausted. The one thing that keeps you going is the feeling that everything will calm down; your instinct tells you that everything will be ‘ok’, that there is control in spite of everything. This perfect storm is the perfect analogy of my life at Noma.”

The same could apply for award winning filmmaker Deschamps, whose only step away from creating another beautiful masterpiece to accompany previous works such as Man Of The Soil won which won ‘Best Film’ at the International Forest Film Festival/United Nations, ‘Best Editing’ at Silafest and achieved ‘Special Mention for Cinematography’ at Barbados International Film Festival, is the $50,000 it needs to raise in order to complete post-production and prepare the documentary for a full theatrical release and film festival submissions ready for Summer 2015.

The campaign to support the release of this wonderful footage has now been launched on Indieogo, the world’s largest global crowd funding platform, where it is hoped that this beautiful documentary will finally be able to reveal itself to the world.

Find out more information about how to support‘Noma my perfect storm’ here |www.indiegogo.com