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02 Jun 2015
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Esben Holmboe Bang, head chef of Maaemo, Oslo will be the guest chef to take over the kitchens of Restaurant Ikarus during the whole month of June.
Esben Holmboe Bang | Guest Chef

Hangar-7, the home of Restaurant Ikarus, the infamous dining venue inside a hangar at Salzburg Airport, plays host to some of the world’s best chefs and this month it will see Esben Holboe Bang manning the helm.

The chefs, who for a month present their favourite creations in close collaboration with the restaurant’s patron Eckart Witzigmann and Executive Chef Martin Klein, try to offer something of themselves that will be unique for the diners.

This will be no challenge for latest guest chef, Esben, whose signature style of progressive Norwegian cuisine will no doubt instantly wow guests. With Nordic food being as popular as ever, Bang’s simple yet powerful concept of not losing the natural flavours or the quality of the raw ingredients during the cooking process, is what has made this chef a rising star in the gastronomic world.Just 15 months after opening the doors of Maaemo, it was added to the Michelin guide and is the only Nordic based restaurant to be awarded two stars on its first inclusion.

This was no easy feat but by refining the notion of ‘organic’ cooking and following the natural cycle of Norway’s seasons, Esben ensures he uses only the freshest and tastiest ingredients available.The combination of using either 100% organic or local wild produce makes Bang’s dishes feel like you are eating the essence of Nordic cuisine with every bite.Dishes such as lightly pickled Oslo fjord mackerel with ramson, an emulsion of raw oysters from Bømlo with a warm mussel and dill sauce, or a new take on the traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge rømmegrøt, served with dried reindeer heart; bring this wild and exciting cuisine further into the limelight.

Esben’s takeover is sure to dazzle guests and leave them wanting more from this totally natural and unadulterated Nordic chef, who literally represents “Mother Earth” in every dish.

Photography |Helge Kirchberger Photography / Red Bull Hangar-7

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