#FOURNews | Mystery Michelin menus at Hedone

19 Sep 2015
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The Michelin star restaurant from chef Mikael Jonsson will close for 10 days during October to carry out menu and site changes in a bid to create a whole new Hedone concept…
Hedone makeover

Chef patron Mikael Jonsson looks like he will be totally rejuvenating his Michelin star restaurant, Hedone, in a bid to place even more focus on the food and seasonal offerings.

The restaurant, which previously seated 40, will now be radically reduced to just 18 in the main room and up to 4 on stools, which have prime positioning overlooking the open kitchen. It is hoped by Swedish-born Jonsson that the changes will allow greater control over the quality of the food produced, as more time can be spent on the creation of the new dishes.

In addition to the layout, the menu has also been revised into the form of two tasting ‘menus’, which will remain unknown until the diner is seated. The lack of a written menu means that dishes, ingredients and techniques can change frequently, even within hours of being presented to guests.

This freedom to experiment away from a set menu, with the best of seasonal products and high quality goods is what Mikael believes will produce increasingly sophisticated dishes, plus more excitement and adventure for the guest.

As a restaurant that is already famous for its meticulous standards and a dishes that are an original expression of clear, precise and surprising flavour combinations, this new way of dining at Hedone will certainly maintain the wow factor that Jonsson has been so successful in achieving already.

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