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20 Nov 2016
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The world’s largest bread cookbook that offers ground-breaking insight into bread knowledge, is now available for pre-order!
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The largest-known bread cookbook todate,Modernist Bread: The Art and Scienceby NathanMyhrvoldand FranciscoMigoyais now available for preorder for $625USDand $625 CAD in North America,£425 GBP and €525 EUR inEurope and$825 AUDAustralia.Modernist Breadwill goonsale in May 2017.Theground-breakingpublication will radically enhance and offer new insight into bread knowledge, practical, theoretical and historical.It isavailablefor pre-orderthroughAmazon.com,Barnesandnoble.com,Phaidon.com,Amazon.ca,Amazon.co.uk,Bol.com,andBooktopia.com.au; retailersmayorderthrough IngramContent Group.Additional online retailers will be added to the Modernist CuisineShop pageas more preorder options become available.

WhenModernist Breaddebuts in 2017, it will bethe mostin-depthbread cookbook published.It totalsover 2,300 pagesthatspanfive volumesplusakitchenmanual.The setcoversthe science and global history of bread making,in addition totraditional andModernisttechniques, ingredients,andrecipes. TheModernist Cuisineculinary team developed more than1,500 new recipes for the book, rigorously testing eachloafin professional and home ovensto ensureaccessibilityforall typesof baker.

Myhrvoldstated,“Today there is no recognized Modernist bread movement, but there should be. This book is a combination of very practical knowledge and ideas that are right at the cutting edge of bread research to empower bakers of all persuasions. Some bakers will want to make traditional breads in old ways, and some will want to make those same breads in new ways.”

Modernist Breadreflectsmore thanfour years of independent research byMyhrvoldand his team of chefs, scientists, photographers, and editors, as well as collaborations with and counsel fromindustry leaders around the world.The illustriouscontributors include historians JimChevallierand StevenKaplan, grain expertsDr.StephenJones and Maria Speck;scientists StanleyCauvainand CarlHoseney,bakersEmily Buehler,KenForkish, RichardMiscovich,ApolloniaPoilâne,Peter Reinhart, and DidierRosada.

The book isbeingpublished by The Cooking Lab,Myhrvold’sin-house publishing department and producer of the award-winningModernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Modernist Cuisine at Home,andThe Photography of Modernist Cuisinebooks.

Additional details can be found onmodernistbread.com

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