#FOURNews | Modern Austrian Cuisine, The Alpine Gourmet Style

08 Feb 2015
2 min read
February will see a gourmet evening at which top Austrian chefs present the new Austrian culinary world in cooperation with wine growers and food producers.

This gourmet evening, on 16 February, organised by Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber (ART RedaktionsTeam), C.E.O. of the “Geniesserhotels & -restaurants” as well as “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe-Austria”associations, together with Tesi Baur, president of the World Gourmet Society, represents a firstcollaborative step taken by outstanding chefs and vintners to present modern Austrian cuisine on theinternational stage.

“The Magazine Restaurant”, designed by star architect Zaha Hadid and located at the SerpentineSackler Gallery in London’s Hyde Park, serves as the ultra-cool setting in which to take creations such asRamsau Alpine char, fennel baked in glacial rock and served with caviar from Salzburg producerWalter Grüll, or “Johann” pork with beer draff and anise, in order to demonstrate the extraordinary qualities of Austrian products and show their creative use by five chefs, three of whom – ThomasDorfer, Andreas Döllerer and Richard Rauch (2015 current titleholder) – have been crowned “Chef ofthe Year” in Austria.

In addition, renowned wineries Willi Bründlmayer, Fritz Wieninger, Bernhard Ott, Paul Achs, PhilippGrassl and Heinz Velich will demonstrate why international wine writers reckon Austria’s winesamongst the world’s finest. Star distiller Hans Reisetbauer, creator of his legendary Blue Gin (crowned“Spirit of the Month” by Harrods) as well as top Williams and strawberry schnapps, will attend. Thewines will be served in the befitting style provided by Austrian Riedel glasses, which have even beenexhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as examples of exemplary wineglass design. Joint organiser of the event is the WORLD GOURMET SOCIETY, an international club for gourmetsand epicureans. The society currently has more than 20,000 members on the social network LinkedInand is the biggest group of its kind worldwide. The goal and mission of the society is to “discover newculinary landscapes” around the globe. Members of the society include top chefs, food journalists andphotographers, gastro critics, restaurant owners and many more. The long-term vision of the WorldGourmet Society is to support young and talented chefs as well as new culinary ideas.

More information atjre.atandgeniesserhotels.com