#FOURNews | Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017 out now!

26 Dec 2016
2 min read
As the Tokyo guide turns ten, Michelin celebrates 542 restaurants award-winning restaurants old and new, that reflect the vibrancy of Tokyo’s top quality dining scene

Michelin hasunveiledthe new selection of the MichelinGuide Tokyo 2017, which recommends 542 restaurants, 42 hotels, and 1 ryokan.This new selection includes…

  • 12 restaurants awarded three stars
  • 54 restaurants awarded two stars ( of which 4 are new)
  • 161 restaurants awarded one star (of which 19 are new)
  • 315 restaurants awarded Bib Gourmand (of which 48 are new)

“This year is a very special one for the history of the MICHELIN guide in Tokyo, as we arepublishing the 10 selection of MICHELIN Guide for the city” comments Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN guides. “The selection of the MICHELIN guide continues to offer wide variety and reflects both the energy and the high quality of Tokyo’s food and dining scene. We can confidently say that Tokyo is one of the best and the brightest gastronomical cities in the world and we will continue to shine a light on the food of the city”.

In this new selection, the 12 three star restaurants have maintained their distinction. Among them, four have been awarded their three stars for 10 successive years: Joël Robuchon, where the chef serves a French cuisine, Kanda, owned by the chef Hiroyuki Kanda and specialized in Japanese cuisine, Quintessence, helmed by the japonese chef Shuzo Kishida who proposes a French cuisine, and Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten, where the chef Jiro Ono prepared sushi.

The 2017 Michelinguide selection welcomes 4 new two star restaurants, offering a Japanese style of cuisine: Amamoto and Masuda, both specialized in Sushi, Miyasaka, a Japanese restaurant, and Ginya, which serves Tempura.

The Michelinguide Tokyo 2017 has also awarded 19 new restaurants one star, representing different styles of cuisine: Amber Palace which serves a Chinese cuisine, Arai, Harutaka, Iwa, Sugita and Kurosaki specialized in Sushi, Ciel et Sol, Craftale, Nabeno-Ism and L’Orgueil both serving a French cuisine, but also two Italian restaurants with Honda and Tacubo, Iwai specialized in Tempura, Ryo; which proposes Unagi specialties, Shin, a Japanese restaurant and Sublime, an innovative style of cuisine.

Three of the new one star restaurants have been promoted from their previous Bib Gourmand distinction: Bird Land-Yakitori, Nakiryu-Ramen, Regalo-Italian.

“Washoku-Traditional Japanese cuisine, whose cooking style is to concentrate on getting the best of natural ingredients, has become the focus of worldwide attention and makes up of the majority of this selection” continues Michael Ellis. “Soba and Sushi are well-known representatives of Washoku and are said to be Edo’s traditional local cuisine. There are also other cuisines whose origins were from outside Japan but which have now become Washoku after evolving in Japan, such Ramen and Yoshoku“

The MICHELIN guide Tokyo 2017 also lists 315 restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand, 48 of which were newly added to this year’s selection. Bib Gourmand recognizes those restaurants offering quality food at affordable prices: around 5,000JPY or less.

The MICHELIN guide Tokyo 2017, printed in Japanese, will go on sale in bookshops in Japan on Friday, 2nd December. The selection is also available in digital format both in Japanese and in English. English is available on the website http://guide.michelin.co.jp/