#FOURNEWS | Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2015

19 Nov 2014
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Fresh from the Michelin maestros: 2 new restaurants have been awarded 2 stars, and 21 new restaurants have been awarded 2 star…

The 2015 selection “perfectly highlights the diversity, the renewal and the creativity of Spanish and Portuguese chefs, who have brought their distinct personalities to the kitchen with innovative, original and unique creations” said Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN guides. “Chefs are constantly looking for clever ways to reinvent themselves, as illustrated by the recent surge in tapas bars that are making quality and excellence more broadly accessible in line with a new gourmet food philosophy”.

New 2 stars

Belcanto| Portugal

Aponiente| Spain

New 1 star

São Gabriel | Portugal

Pedro Lemos| Portugal

Casa Manolo | Spain

Elkano| Spain

Aizian| Spain

Álbora| Spain

Montia| Spain

Punto MX| Spain

La Cabra| Spain

DSTAgE| Spain

Nova | Spain

Pakta| Spain

Refectorio| Spain

La Lobita| Spain

El Carmen de Montesión | Spain


Can Dani|Spain

Simply Fosh|Spain

Andreu Genestra|Spain

El Retiro|Spain

Tatau Bistro|Spain

Find the full list here.