#FOURNEWS | Michelin Guide Germany 2015 Announced

05 Nov 2014
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Hot news: three new 2-starred restaurants and 31 new 1-starred restaurants in Germany, with no new 3 stars!
  • No new 3-star restaurants – 11 altogether
  • 3 new 2-star restaurants:Paul Stradner’s restaurant at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Peter Hagen’s restaurant Ammolite in Rust and Bobby Bräuer’s restaurant EssZimmer by Käfer in Munich – 38 altogether
  • 31 new 1-star restaurant – 233 altogether
  • 25% increase of stars from last year.
  • 282 stars altogether in Germany.

3 Stars Retained

Waldhotel Sonnora

“All 11 restaurants that currently have three Michelin stars have been able to confirm their three stars. After France, that’s the most three-star restaurants in Europe.” – Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

New 2 stars

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa | Baden Baden

“We have three new two-star restaurants. The first is Brenners Park Hotel in Baden Baden under head chef Paul Stradner.”– Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant | Rust

“Then there’s a restaurant called Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant in Rust in Hotel Bell Rock. Head chef Peter Hagen only got his first star last year, but we noticed that he is someone with an incredible amount of talent who has raised the bar even higher. So it didn’t make any sense to wait any longer – if someone is on that level, then we just have to convey this.”– Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

EssZimmer by Käfer | Munich

“It’s a similar story with in Munich, who is certainly not an unknown chef. He has previously worked in many famous places, but has joined restaurant Esszimmer in the BMW World last year. It’s a rather impressive building where the cars are delivered. He’s got his restaurant on the third floor with a great view. When he started there last year we gave him the first star and it was similar to Peter Hagen in Rust: it was just not possible to ignore that he’s someone with an enormous amount of potential.”– Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

New 1 star

Frühsammers Restaurant | Berlin

“Regarding the one-star restaurants, we have a female chef in Berlin called Sonja Frühsammer who is awarded her first star.”– Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

Restaurant handicap. | Künzelsau

“And what I also found rather interesting is a restaurant called Handicap in Kürzelsau, where handicapped people are part of the team, both in the kitchen and in service. They are being deployed according to their abilities. And I just think it’s a great concept and they take great care and consideration of people who are disadvantaged. And their cuisine is exceptionally good.”– Ralf Flinkenflügel, Michelin Germany

Kerzenstube | Backnang
A.choice | Berlin
Elements | Dresden
Jean | Eltville
Sra Bua by Juan Amador | Gravenbruch
Landhaus Biewald – Genießer Stube | Göttingen
Westfälische Stube | Hörstel
Le Salon im Kesselhaus | Karlsruhe
Malathounis | Kernen
Himmel un Äd | Cologne
MaiBeck | Cologne
Heise’s Bürgerstube | Konstanz
San Martino – Gourmet | Konstanz
Keidenzeller Hof | Langenzenn
Oben | Leimen
Restaurant 1797 | Lütjenburg
Opus V | Mannheim
Restaurant N°15 | Munich
Alte Post | Nagold
Maiwerts | Rottach-Egern
Aubergine | Starnberg
Scheel’s | Stalsund
Clauss – Feist | Traben-Trarbach
Schranners Waldhorn | Tübingen
Bachofer | Waiblingen
Schwitzer’s am Park | Waldbronn
Johanns | Waldkirchen
Courtier | Wangels
Saphir | Wolfsburg

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