#FOURNEWS | Michelin Guide Belgium, Luxembourg 2015

23 Nov 2014
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The 2015 selection reveals that ingredient-focused cuisine is more popular than ever…
  • No new 3 or 2-star restaurants
  • 10 new 1-star restaurants in Belgium, and 1 new 1-star restaurant in Luxembourg.
  • A pattern throughout many of the new stars has emerged: traditional cuisine is being celebrated by guestsin establishments who combine simplicity with original flavours.

“After traveling through Belgium and Luxembourg, the MICHELIN guide inspectors found that chefs are continuing to focus on simplicity in order to offer their guests a tastier, more authentic cuisine that is deeply inspired by local and seasonal products,” noted Michael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin Guides. “This 59th edition faithfully reflects what is happening in restaurants today. Chefs are inventive and intrigued by the idea of mixing traditional cuisine with exotic flavors, while keeping an eye on prices to deliver an affordable dining experience.”

New 1 stars
  • Da Mimmo
  • Le Monde est Petit
  • Le Pigeon Noir
  • The Jane
  • Publiek
  • D’Oude Pastorie
  • Philippe Meyers
  • Aux petits oignons
  • Les Pieds dans le Plat
  • La Cristallerie
  • Brasserie de l’Expo

Check out the full list here.