FOURNews | Michelin Guide Belgium and Luxembourg 2018

09 Dec 2017
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Three new restaurants awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxembourg 2018…
 Michelin has unveiled the new selection in the Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxemburg 2018, which includes 144 restaurants with one or more Michelin stars.

In this new selection, the restaurants Hof van Cleve, in Kruishoutem and Hertog Jan, in Zedelgem maintain their three stars, a distinction that chefs Peter Goossens and Gert De Mangeleer received in the previous edition.

This year three restaurants receive two stars in Belgium: Boury, the eponymous restaurant of chef Tim BOURY in Roeselare, which in an elegant setting offers creative and very skilful French cuisine. In the centre of Ghent, Vrijmoed has also been

awarded a second star: chef Michael Vrijmoed offers creative cuisine and successfully combines high quality products with intense flavours. Finally, La Source in Neerharen gets two stars: a restaurant where the dishes prepared by chef Ralf Berendsen are increasingly refined and well-balanced. Michael Ellis, Michelin Guide Managing Director, comments: “These talented chefs have matured in recent years. Thanks to their techniques and their sense of creativity, in their restaurants they now offer exact, balanced dishes that showcase the very essence of the products.”

Fourteen restaurants are newly awarded one star in the selection of the Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxemburg 2018. Among them, L’Écailler du Palais Royal, a veritable monument of Brussels gastronomy, which highlights seafood, is again awarded one star. After closing his three-star restaurant De Karmeliet, chef Geert Van Hecke obtains one star for his restaurant Zet’Joe, in Bruges, as does Luc Bellings, who has changed his concept and is awarded one star for his new van Vork van Luc Bellings restaurant in Hasselt. Among other chefs that have changed concept, Kobe Desramaults and Thomas Locus also receive one star for their respective establishments, Chambre Separée in Ghent, and Brasserie Julie in Bodegem-Saint- Martin.

Among the restaurants newly awarded one star in this new 2018 selection are Carcasse, in Saint-Idesbald and The Butcher’s Son in Antwerp – restaurants where customers can enjoy tasty very high quality meat; Oak in Ghent and M-Bistro in Nieuwpoort, Dôme in Antwerp, Goffin in Bruges and Altermezzo in Tongeren.

In Wallonia, Bistro Racine, in Braine-le-Château, also receives one star. Its two chefs, Jean-Marie Bucumi and Jimmy Collodoro, offer refined bistronomy-style cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, a new restaurant is awarded one star this year in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Fani, in Roeser, which serves very refined, generous Italian cuisine.

The 2018 selection also designates 181 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including 24 new ones. These offer a complete menu (starter, main course, and dessert) for under 37 euros.

This 62nd selection has 1,416 establishments, including 328 hotels (86 of which are guest houses) and 1,088 restaurants, including: 144 starred establishments, 2 restaurants with three stars, 23 restaurants with 2 stars, including 3 new ones, 119 restaurants with one star, including 14 new ones, 181 Bib Gourmand establishments, including 24 new ones.