#FOURNews | Michelin buys Bookatable

28 Jan 2016
2 min read
After their recent purchase of the online reservation company, BookaTable, Michelin becomes the European market leader…
BookaTable from Michelin

As an indispensable partner to the foodindustry, BookaTable’s mission has beento fill the world’s restaurants with happy diners and, through sharing its passion for eating out, to inspire and enable great dining experiences for any occasion and budget. BookaTable does this by bringing diners and restaurants together in a single, vibrant, dynamic marketplace and delivering personal, accessible, fast and local service with care and expertise.

With it’s recent acquistion byMichelin,BookaTable has now safely secured it’s position forprovidingan unrivalled service for both consumers and restaurants. ​BookaTable, with its head office in London, UK, is the European leader in the online restaurant reservation market with more than 15,000 establishments using its service, and more than 34 million covers booked in 2015 in Europe.

For consumers, BookaTable is the go-to site for diners. Whether it’s inspiring, browsing, booking or dining, BookaTable creates memorable experiences and diners with the opportunity to book amazing restaurants, wherever they are, whatever the occasion.

Michelin concluded thismulti-year partnership with BookaTable in March 2013, which allowed it to incorporate BookaTable solutions into the MICHELIN Restaurants offer – both via the web and through mobile applications. In addition to giving it a presence in many European countries where BookaTable is already established, this acquisition strengthens and accelerates the development of Michelin’s technology platform for online restaurant reservations. It will enable it to develop both the quality of service offered to customers and new services in order to build the offers of the future.

This recent purchase willenableMichelinto not only capitalise on its traditional experience in the restaurant industry, but willalso allowit tobecomethe European leader in the online restaurant reservation market. Eventually this offering will potentially expand to Scandinavia and other countries worldwide.

With its focus on mobility, Michelin is now speeding up its growth in travel assistance services by offering customers a unique mobility experience with high added value products and services. The association between Michelin, the world restaurant guide leader with its MICHELIN guide, and BookaTable, the European leader in the online restaurant reservation market, helps restaurateurs develop their business by offering new solutions and helps customers by making it easier to book.