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22 Jan 2017
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This January, the starred Armani/Ristorante at the Armani Hotel Milano is hosting the Meet the Chefs event – unmissable experiences of fine dining from around the world, showcasing Michelin starred cuisine, experimentation, and creativity.
Dining around the world

The exclusive setting of the restaurant featuring clean lines, natural colours and a magnificent view of the Milanese skylines, is hosting the secondsession of the showcase on January 26th,which will seechef Gert de Mangeleertaking over Filippo Gozzoli’s kitchen – Executive chef at the Armani/Ristorante.

Young chefGert de Mangeleer, ofHertog Jan Restaurant, caused quite a stir when they took over restaurant Hertog Jan, located in the beautiful city of Bruges, Belgium, in 2005. Just one year later, in 2006, followed by rave reviews from local press and prestigious culinary organisations alike, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star, followed by its second in 2009 and ultimately its third in 2011, which it has maintained ever since.

Overseeing the kitcchen at hertog Jan as executive chef, Gert produces dishes using modern techniques and his own home-grown vegetables, herbs and flowers which he grows at a nearby farm in Zedelgem.In addition to his dedication to the kitchen at restaurant Hertog Jan, chef Mangeleer is also an avid supporter of the “Young Chefs” project of the Flemish Ministry of Tourism, which he helped pioneer in 2011.

TheBelgian talent is one of the leaders of the european cookery nouvelle vague and promoter of the Kitchen Rebels group, which gathers some of the best kitchen representatives from the Flanders. His restaurant retains three Michelin stars. Menu highlights from Chef Mangeleer’s event include;Egg 65°, parmesan foam, roasted romanesco cabbage, duxelle, black truffle, pimenton and fish eggs crumble (Filippo Gozzoli);Rose of Sea bass and black radish served with oil of African marigold and fermented tomato juice (Gert de Mangeleer);Butternut “Dim Sum” filled with Tartar of Langoustine in combination with passion fruit, cocoa and vanilla (Gert de Mangeleer);Smoked Eel from ‘Oosterschelde’ withduck liver, winter radish and Dashi of smoked Eel (Gert de Mangeleer);Oxtail stew with black truffle and potato foam (Gert de Mangeleer);Aged Duck de Chalans smoked with hay, red beetroot and liquorice sauce(Gert de Mangeleer);Raspberry texture, chocolate sablè and fleur de sel(Filippo Gozzoli).

The event will be followed by furtherother sessions with ChefsJosé Avillez on March 9th and Sergio Hermanon 11th May.Equally, considered one of the great Portuguese Chefs,José Avillezstands out because of his enterprising spirit and his willingness to go one step further.He currently has five restaurants in Lisbon and one in Oporto, which, while offering different culinary experiences, all express his enormous passion for cooking. At his Belcanto restaurant, awarded a Michelin star within a year of opening, one can enjoy new Portuguese cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere that still provides some of the former romance of the Chiado district. This is the style that truly defines José Avillez and expresses the course of his creativity.

Lastly, during his time at the helm ofrestaurant Oud Sluis,Sergio Hermanhelped the world-renowned dining roomgainthree Michelin stars and a place onSan Pellegrino’s prestigious World 50 Best Restaurants list. In December 2013, Sergio announced the closure of restaurant Oud Sluis in order to concentrate on his other restaurant conceptsPure C and La Chapelle, recently renamed The Jane, as well as his culinary publishing house, Minestrone.

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