#FOURNEWS | Madrid in the City

15 Oct 2014
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A star-studded Madridian chef line up is to descend on the Big Apple : David Muñoz, Óscar Velasco, Estanis Carenzo and the three-chef team from TriCiclo – Javier Goya, Javier Mayor and David Alfonso – are to showcase Madrid’s cuisine…

From 3 – 8November some of the finest Madridian chefs will be focusingon placing Madrid as a gastronomical destination throughout the city New York.- 3 Michelin starchef and Ambassador for the Community of Madrid -was chosen to select a team whowill showcase the most innovative face of Madridian cuisine.

For the last several years, Madrid has been slowly becoming an international capital when it comes to gastronomy. A significant percentage of all foreign visitorshead to Madrid specifically for the excellent cuisine. A fusion of the most traditional part of the Spanish capital’scooking and the most cutting edge techniques.

New York will be home to Madrid’s finest chefs for one week, where guests will be given the chancelearn about Madridian cuisine and alternative ways of understanding gastronomy. On 3 November will be preparing a dinner together with chef Matthew Lightner in his restaurant Atera (2 Michelin stars). A superb menu created by two geniuses of international cuisine.

Participating Chefs

| DiverXO Restaurant | 3 Michelin Stars

In just five years, has become a huge culinary sensation. Winner of the National Gastronomy Award and recipient of 3 Michelin stars, he has two different projects: DiverXO, sophisticated cuisine that draws on different countries, flavors, textures and haute cuisine techniques. And StreetXO, a new experiment, the concept of refined and stylized street food, using the techniques and preparation of haute cuisine. The concept is totally new, revolutionary and transgressive. As of July 2014, the new DiverXO is located in the NH Collection Eurobuilding, and will open a new StreetXO in London within the next few months.

Óscar Velasco | Santceloni Restaurant | 2 Michelin Stars

In 2001, Óscar Velasco arrived at Santceloni at the invitation of chef Santi Santamaría. Moving in the culinary direction of Santceloni restaurant, located in the five-star Hesperia Madrid hotel, marked a watershed moment in his career. Santceloni opened its doors in March of 2001, the same year it was honored with its first Michelin star. And just two years later, the restaurant was bestowed with a brilliant second star.

Javier Goya |Javier Mayor and David Alfonso | TriCiclo Restaurant

These three chefs, who have all worked in different restaurants in Madrid, are behind one of Madrid’s most impressive gastronomic successes in recent years. Javier Goya, Javier Mayor and David Alfonso opened TriCiclo in the central Barrio de Las Letras quarter with the idea of offering tasty food in an informal setting. The restaurant has received numerous awards in its very first year. The chefs represent the latest when it comes to conceptual cuisine.

Estanis Carenzo | Sudestada | Chifa and Picsa Restaurants

After working at (New York), La Cote D’or (Burgundy) and Llers (Buenos Aires), among others, the chef began his professional career in Madrid with the 2005 opening of Sudestada restaurant. This was followed in 2012 with Chifa and in 2014 with Picsa. Serving as Gastronomic Director for the Bestiario Group, he brings together all of his culinary business concepts. He is a cosmopolitan with no limits. Born in Buenos Aires, he has lived and worked in the world’s most influential cities. Estanis Carenzo is true genius of flavor. A businessman and creator of gastronomic concepts.

Dates and Venues

Each chef is designing his own menu, with the ingredients and dishes that define him best.

3 November

David Muñoz at Atera Restaurant.

3 and 4 November

Javier Goya, Javier Mayor and David Alfonso, TriCiclo at City Grit.

5 November

Estanis Carenzo, Sudestada, Chifa and Picsa at City Grit.

6 November

Óscar Velasco, SantCeloni at Betony.

7 November

Óscar Velasco, SantCeloni at City Grit.

8 November

Estanis Carenzo, Sudestada, Chifa and Picsa at City Grit.