21 Aug 2014
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With another MAD Symposium looming, we give you the lowdown on one of the most on-trend events this year, taking place in Copenhagen on 24 – 25 August…

Just days away from one of the most anticipated events of the culinary year, MAD4 has been titilating our epicurean minds with nuggets of information about what’s to come this Sunday and Monday, but they’re keeping the line up a mad (we had to, sorry)secret.

Questioning what it is to cook in today’s culinary world, a plethora of world-renowned chefs, scientists and activistswillre-evaluate the fundamental techniques and responsibilities of the profession.

“What are the legacies that we should uphold and what should we strive to change? And what’s cooking in the pan, on the grill, in the oven? Where does the food we cook come from and what’s in it? What will it become in the next century and how do we ensure that it changes for the better? How will cooking — and cooks — adapt and evolve?”

Co-curating the event, is known for his passion towards using indigenous, fresh produce, and we expect this year’s MAD4 to reflect that thoroughly. After all, last year saw him killing a chicken with a top brandished ‘DEATH HAPPENS’. Although we know of ‘s presence, as well as founder ‘s, the official lineup has been kept under lock and key. We are quaking in our boots to find out more!

Find out about thisevent and others atmadfood.co.