#FOURNews | “La Revange des Faubourgs” 5-7 June in Paris

12 May 2015
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Le Fooding celebrates the best of creative talent from the world’s most talked about neighbourhoods.

To mark the 15-year anniversary of Le fooding, the French food movement, restaurant/hotel and cultural guide, they are celebrating with a 3-day event named “La Revange des Faubourgs”, held in Paris from 5-7 June.

The event will follow in true Le fooding style, with its coverage of edgy media andhighlighting the growing culinary creativity that is blossoming from urban districts such as northeast Paris, Shoreditch, Brooklyn, Queens, East Berlin and the Mission District.

Previously the heart of the city would be the focus of innovative and award-winning gastronomy from classic chefs, but with the shift of creative talent being pushed out to the surrounding neighborhoods, its no wonder that these areas have steadily grown in popularity and gastronomic recognition.

As a tribute to these Faubourgs, to urban rebirth, and rejuvenated traditions in general, Le Fooding have invited a selection of the best chefs from around the world to participate in their celebration of liberated culinary initiatives. All the participants are not only top chefsbut have also beenactors in the reinvention of their neighbourhoods.

The event is set to be a gastronomic extravanganza combining gourmet food from the international capitals of cool, kicking off on Friday 5 June with Isaac McHale from the The Clove Club, Shoreditch, London, Dave Sclarow and Anna Viertel from Pizza Moto, Brooklyn, NY, Marc Grossman from Bob’s Bake Shop, Marx Dormoy, Paris, Michael Greenwold of The Sunken Chip, Faubourg Saint Martin, Paris and Katsuaki Okiyama of Abri, Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris.

Find out more information about tickets and line up here | lefooding.com