#FOURNews | Krug, Jazz and a Michelin feast

17 Sep 2015
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This year Krug has unveiled a champagne pairing set to rival all others through the ‘Krug and Music: The Pleasure of Composition’ tour, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson and Michelin starred Chef, Andrew Fairlie…
Krug and Music: The Pleasure of Composition

This year will see the infamous Krug champagne house, playing host to a series of events that unify the great work of viticulture, music and gastronomy.

When we think that the music we listen to greatly impacts our experience of a fine wine, or fine dining when we consume it, it makes perfect sense to try and combine and heighten all these features when offering a pairing or tasting. With this in mind, the ‘Krug and Music’ tour has taken this idea to the road, to offer a musical dining experience created with carefully selected sounds and melodies from top musicians, gourmet tasting menus, and Krug Champagnes.

In essence, music speaks in a language that everyone can understand. It is a direct connection to the emotions, and therefore the music has been meticulously paired with a sample of Krug Champagne, handpicked for its ability to compliment to the experience and enjoyment of listening to the particular piece of music, thus enhancing the overall enjoyment for all the senses.

When asked how the idea came about for the collaboration, Olivier Krug, Director of the House and sixth generation of the Krug family, stated that; “When I think of who Krug Lovers are, I see that they are independent people, with unique personalities and buckets of self-confidence. They are lovers of contrast and paradox, creative people who seek enjoyment. They want an unforgettable experience, pleasure beyond perfection.”

With the tour kicking off in London on the 23rd September at the Metropolis Studio, guests can experience a one-off collaboration between the reputed jazz pianist and Krug Lover Jacky Terrasson, Krug Ambassador and award-winning chef Andrew Fairlie, and of course the tipple itself, Krug, in a spectacular musical dining experience.

The fantastic gastronomic dinner will comprise of a four-course meal from the Scottish chef, with Krug Champagne pairings to compliment each course.Speaking about the upcoming events and what will be in store, Terrasson says; “Usually musicians jam with other musicians,” says Jacky Terrasson, “but here I’m jamming with a great chef, and great Champagnes, and that’s exciting.”

Other destinations that will feature on the tour schedule include Berlin, San Francisco, Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

For more information about how the musicians assemble exclusive playlists, choosing from their own existing works, or that of other musicians to complement what they’ve tasted, along with their suggested pairings, then you can find the shared results on the Krug App and on krug.com.

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