#FOURNews | Krug and Chips

17 May 2015
2 min read
Taking the classic English “chippy’ to a whole new level with this ingenious collaboration between Maison Krug and Michelin star chef, Tom Sellers.
Krug &Chips

Following on from the success of Krug Kreperie and Krug Krustacean, Maison Krugtogether with top chef Tom Sellers, willventure into the royal British fish and chip terrain from July 8th-12th, in London’s Covent Garden. The Krug & Chips diningexperience aims to be a luxury take on the traditional dish,with the menu being comprised of three chip-inspired dishes and served with a complementary pairing ofKrug GrandeCuvée.

The idea for the new venture was devised after Krug revealed that the ingredient it wished to explore for 2015 would be the potato. Every year Krug chooses an unexpected ingredient to focus on, and with the help of Tom Sellersthey will bringthis kitchen staple to life by transforming into dishes such as; potato ravioli with fish in tartare sauceand fried monkfish cheeks with sweet curry.

The dishes themselves aim to take theBritish classic to new heights with their inspirationbeing drawn from ‘Narrative Gastronomy’, an approach to food that Michelin starred chef Tom uses in order to tell a story through the dishes he serves – with the result beingfantastic if his innovative restaurant,Story, is anything to go by. This conceptis also neatly complemented bythe Krug commitment to highlighting its rich heritage and dedication to artisanal excellence. In fact, each bottle of Krug has its own coded ID label which when scanned through the Krug App will reveal eachbottles individual story.

The combination of theunparalleled quality of ingredientsand craftsmanship, plus the idea of it being ‘rough’ luxury will no doubt prove to be aculinary experience to be remembered. It’s even been noted that stars such asMadonna have already recognised thisdivine combination,by saying thather guilty pleasure is Krug and Frenchfries!

Find outmore details about the Krug and Chips pop-up in the East Piazza, Covent Garden here |www.coventgardenlondonuk.com

Find out more about information and tickets for Krug and Chipshere |krug.com/krugandchips