#FOURNews | Krug 2002 – An ode to nature

27 Feb 2016
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As one of the longest aging champagnes Krug has produced, plus being the last 2002 released from the main champagne houses, the expectations are high for the new edition to the Krug family…
An ode to nature

Unusually, the vintage follows on the from the launch of Krug 2003.Each Krug Vintage is crafted to express the unique character of a particular year captured by Krug, each on its own terms, each its own special kind of music. In the same way that no two melodies are alike, neither are two Krug Vintages.

According to the House of Krug, the composition of the new signature hadsuch an abundance of pure fruit that the House was moved to name it An Ode to Nature.

When he founded the House of Krug in 1843, having understood that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, Joseph Krug’s dream, was to offer the very best Champagne every year, regardless of annual climate variations. He went beyond all known boundaries of creating Champagne, establishing a House where all Champagnes would have the same level of distinction. He wrote in 1848 in his personal notebook: “a good Champagne House should only create two Champagnes of the same quality.” He described the first of those Champagnes, what he called Champagne n°1, as the fullest expression of Champagne to be recreated every year. The second, then called Champagne N°2, to be the expression of the circumstances of a specific year.

Champagne n°1 later became Krug Grande Cuvée. Created every year, beyond the notion of vintage, Krug Grande Cuvée is like a complete orchestra playing together in harmony. Champagne n°2, now called Krug Vintage, maintains the same exemplary distinction, but “according to circumstances.” It is the music of a particular year, with its own unique melody, captured by Krug, and enhanced by a stay of over ten years in the cellars. There are as many of these unique compositions as there are Krug Vintages.

Krug’s 2002 creations

The year 2002 was a clement and generous year, uniformly warm, with few climate variations until the very end of the growing season, when nature asserted herself with a bit of whimsy. The summer sun was low, which was a concern for grape maturation, but when the harvest season arrived, it was eventually hot. That beautiful late season ripened the grapes nicely, reaching excellent and robust health by harvest time. It was a year of great fullness and balance, with a very special music, the result of the circumstances, echoing Joseph Krug’s vision of what Krug vintage should celebrate.

A Joyous Harmony of Fruit

In the close to 13 years since Krug 2002 began its journey to maturity in the House’s cellars, the Champagne has achieved a generosity of flavour, with beautiful structure, intensity and finesse, and this development will only continue, as Krug 2002 possesses excellent potential for additional cellaring. The palate is balanced between fresh, tropical, wild and crystallized fruit of all colours, from red to citrus to black, with notes of cocoa bean, honey, toast and smoke. Krug 2002 is an homage to fruit. It is a charismatic Champagne which beautifully combines natural intensity, delicacy and insolent elegance.

With its freshness, tenacity and citrus notes, Krug 2002 will pair beautifully with seafood,” says Eric Lebel. “I can imagine it perfectly with a beautiful sole meunière, with firm-textured flesh, accompanied by a dash of lemon juice—that sort of subtle accord would honour the Champagne’s vivacity.” Duck breast, roasted butternut squash and desserts market by orange zest will bring out the Champagne’s generosity.

Les Créations de 2002”: Two Expressions of a Single Year in a Limited Edition Offer

Krug Grande Cuvée 158th edition, recreated from the harvest of 2002, and Krug 2002, will be available in a very rare offer. With it, the House of Krug invites Champagne lovers on a pleasure trip to discover the year. It is an opportunity to taste the many facets and musical styles of these two Krug Champagnes. They are two different expressions of nature, and two approaches to the making of Champagne that have been with the House since its foundation in 1843.

The Krug iD: the Story Continues

Each bottle of Krug Champagne has a story to tell. The House of Krug invites Champagne lovers to enter the Krug iD – the six digits printed on the back label of every bottle – on the web or via the Krug App, to let their experience go further. In addition to Krug Music Pairings, there will be revealed a further complement of information, from Eric Lebel’s impressions of the harvest challenges of the year, to food pairing ideas, and recommendations for optimum storage and serving.

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