#FOURNews | Hong Kong raises the restaurant bar

05 Jan 2017
3 min read
AB Concept, have unveiled two restaurant projects that will make way for a new wave of restaurants in Hong Kong

Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, long-time collaborators at the helm of the Hong Kong-based design studio,AB Concept, have unveiled two restaurant projects in Hong Kong, setting a new standard for design restaurants in the buzzing culinary capital. The restaurants,Ee Da LeandMy Tai Tai, are housed insideNo.8 Lyndhurst Terrace,located in Central Hong Kong, and continue to mark the duo’s evolution of style and mastery of texture.

As the duo continue to challenge, critique and reinforce each other’s work – Ed Ng as the intuitive designer who uses materials, ornament and texture to create a narrative within a space, and Terence Ngan, the architect who boasts an innate understanding of space, order and proportion – the AB Concept aesthetic has transformed both restaurants to heighten the culinary experience and complement the Chefs’ vision.

Ed Ng and Terence Ngan’s design duality of Asian and European influences perfectly mirrors the cultural diversity of Hong Kong and its culinary scene. As restaurants must continually innovate and provide guests with an experience that extends far beyond just their taste buds in order to survive, Ed and Terence believe it is imperative for the surroundings to set the scene for the cuisine, heightening senses to their fullest. Therefore it comes as no surprise that culinary masters and restaurateurs alike, choose to collaborate with the design duo who understand how to create a narrative space inspired by the melting pot where East meet West.
Ee Da Le
Nestled in the heart of Central Hong Kong,Ee Da Letransports its guests back to the opulent Baroque era in Central Europe and the restaurant is a boisterous nod to Italy’s theatre and culture. Ed and Terence drew inspiration from the cultural heritage of Italy, initially by observing the authenticity of rustic Tuscan villages in Italy. The duo marveled the architecture, narrow cobblestone alleyways and indulged in the region’s comforting cuisine. Inspired, the duo drew on their minimalist foundations using traditional Italian themes and elements, and interpreting them through layers of texture and pattern.Ee Da Le’sfloor is complete with customised stenciled patterns and the ceiling is graced with elaborate oversized hanging crinoline table lamps, inspired by the volume of iconic Italian opera skirts, signifying the duo’s ability to develop creative ornaments that are symbolic. Continuing a dramatic motif, the private dining area’s glass partitions which are heavily draped in a rich red fabric are a nod to the thick theatre curtains one might see at the opera, and the use of antique mirrors and crinoline lampshades in the washrooms are selected to create an atmosphere similar to a theatre’s backstage area.My Tai Tai
Located on the third floor of No. 8 Lyndhust Terrace,My Tai Taiis the second eatery designed by Ed and Terence. The restaurant is inspired by a Thai woman namedBawfrom Northern Thailand and brings to life her passion for Thailand’s natural scents and flavours, as well as her love of food and adventure. She was affectionately given the title of “tai tai” (meaning ‘wife’ in Chinese) inspiring the name of the restaurant. In homage to “tai tai”, the restaurant’s approach conveys confident femininity and sophistication with its contemporary style. Creating a refined mix of Asian and West design aesthetics, the duo customised furnishings and materials manufactured in Thailand, showcasing Thai craftsmanship and transmitting the My Tai Tai story into the space. A playful nuance within the restaurant is the hawker stall concept conveying an old streetscape style of Thailand using traditional Thai fabrics covering the exposed ceiling pipes.

The architectural philosophy forMy Tai Taiis further drawn from Thai culture and traditions, influenced by their religions and beliefs. A significant tradition predominant throughout is a form of tattooing called “Sak Yun”, where each symbol has a meaning behind the design. Ed and Terence have masterfully incorporated elements of these tattoo designs throughout the space from the custom tiles on the floor to the intricate motifs that cover the bar.
Ee Da LeandMy Tai Taicontinue to highlight Ed and Terence’s evolving style recognisable internationally through their growing portfolio within the luxury hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. Having worked with leading hotel operators including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Rosewood Hotels, Mandarin Oriental and W Hotels, as well as a select restaurateurs and developers, Ed Ng and Terence Ngan have most recently celebrated the development of their first European private residence, La Corniche Villa in the Cote d’Azur. Expanding their global practice further, upcoming projects include the restaurant at the highly anticipated Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square, as well as Park Hyatt, Bodrum, Mandarin Oriental, Chengdu and W Hotel, Algarve, to name a few.