#FOURNews | Has Gordon finally met his match?

08 Jun 2015
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The highly acclaimed chef with the infamous temper will now be facing his French parallel, Philippe Etchebest in a Bordeaux show down.
Gordon Vs Etchebest

The similarities between them may be uncanny; both are 48, both have had stints as budding sportsman, both are successful celebrity chefs presenting the English kitchen nightmare series and the French equivalent, Cauchemar en Cuisine, both have Michelin star restaurants and both have fiery tempers, but perhaps that’s where the story may end for these two competitive chefs.

With the announcement that Gordon Ramsey will become the new head chef of Le Pressoir d’Argent, a highly acclaimed fine dining establishment that resides in the five-star Grand Hotel de Bordeaux Hotel, only time will tell how their paths will pan out.

The reason being, that the news of Gordon’s arrival comes only a short time after Etchebest’s decision to takeover Le Café Opera this September. The French chef won two Michelin stars at his former restaurant in Saint-Emilion and now has his eyes set on Le Café Opera, also located in the same square as Le Pressoir d’Argent.

The classic French style bistro and the gourmet eatery are only a stones throw away from one other, so they will literally be going head to head this September when Etchebest joins the popular Bordeaux brasserie.

However both chefs are said to be thrilled with the coincidence and look forward to sharing the space in the beautiful Bordeaux square, so perhaps this will be more like a meeting of kindred souls than a kitchen nightmare!

Find out more about Le Café Operahere |www.jegher.fr