Plats de Résistance

After “Cook it cool!” and the investigation on violence in the kitchen in November 2014, after the rallying cry “Tous au Bistrot” on November 17th 2015, le Fooding and its historical partner S. Pellegrino promise to bring a meaningful food experience on the table with “Plats de Résistance” on September 24th 2016.

This international event will showcase the social binder that is the key ingredient to peaceful coexistence: food. This welcoming and festive banquet will invite over 1,000 people to understand each other better through food.

The lineup for Le Grand Fooding S.Pellegrino 2016 : a melting pot of amazing philanthropist chefs, artisans and cooks who use their talents to fight for humanitarian causes, all over the world, will be cooking us a meal of simple pleasures to share together. These great chefs will include:

  • Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi (Ottolenghi, London) | Symbols of friendship and joint effort between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Pierre Gagnaire (Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, Paris) | Who supports former convicts and helps them be reintroduced in society.
  • Kamal Mouzawak (Souk El Tayeb and Tawlet, Beirut) | Who celebrates the diversity among Lebanese producers, farmers and cooks.
  • Jessamyn Rodriguez (Hot Bread Kitchen, NYC) | Whose bakery hires women from minorities.
  • Céline Pham | AFranco-Vietnamese chef who works with the organisation Ernest to fight food waste and homelessness.
  • Aman Jaspal and Sameena Jaspal (Sarhad, Punjab) | Who promote peace and friendship in their restaurant, located at the border between India and Pakistan.
  • Regina Tchelly (Favela Organica, Rio de Janeiro) | Who helps favela inhabitants learn to cultivate, cook and eat differently while fighting food waste.
  • Niki Kopcke and Roberta Siao (Mazi Mas, London) | Who hire immigrant and refugee women to give them a chance to be reintroduced in society.
  • Xavier Zapata (Café des Méditerranées, Marseille) | His restaurant managed by the association Cumin promotes Mediterranean products and cuisine, and gives a chance to young trainees.

In short, a chance to make beautiful taste discoveries in joy and good humor.
Find out more information about the event here |Grand Fooding S.Pellegrino 2016
NB |On each paid 5 € menu will be donated to SOS MEDITERRANEAN, civil and European association of rescue that assists people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea.