#FOURNews | Get set for Bulgari’s third Epicurea festival

08 Jan 2016
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This month will see Hotel Bulgari’s third annual food festival, Epicurea, kick off for what will be a 7-month culinary extravaganza…
Epicurea 3

January will be an exciting month at Hotel Bulgari in Milan, as the venue sees it’s third edition of the Epicurea food festival get under way. The host establishment, along with its executive chef Roberto Di Pinto, has turned this event into an unmissable gastronomic rendezvous.

The ten-month long festival that takes place from January to October will see 7 guest chefs take over the kitchens to embark on a culinary journey, which will take you all over the world.The guest chefs have been carefully chosen by food curator Andrea Petrini and each of the seven world famous chefs will be assisted in the kitchens by resident pro, Roberto di Pinto.

Epicurea 3 will begin with an opening dinner prepared by Roberto Pinto in which the chefs from the previous edition will be recalled and paid homage to through his creations.The starter will be oyster, avocado, chervil and Pisco Sour granita, dedicated to the Peruvian genius of Virgilio Martinez.The following course, scallops and Strolghino salame tartare, is inspired by the creations of Inaki Aizpitarte and his Parisian bistro’, Le Chateaubriand. The following act, based on cod cooked in beer, truffle and asparagus, will celebrate the Nordic craft of Magnus Nilsson. Danny Bowien’s quirky food vision will be echoed by Pho Maritato, the coming together of Hanoi style Pho, and the Neapolitan Minestra Maritata. The genius of René Redzepi and his famed Noma restaurant will be remembered through Italian porridge, linguini, and wheat germ. Yoshiro Narisawa’s Japan will live again in the combined tastes of rockfish, lemon, chili pepper and seawater. Luca Fantin executive chef at Il Ristorante Luca Fantin at the Bulgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo will be recalled in the entree of centopelli, miso soup and green apple. The dessert will once again recall Danny Bowien, with a soft spice sorbet, chocolate and fermented milk.

The first chef of 2016 lined up to open the fantastic event will be , the Australian chef master of Thai cuisine. His unique talent to reinvent it combining strength of flavour and tradition has led his Bangkok restaurant, Nahm, to be ranked 7th amongAsia’s top 50.February | Leonardo Pereira, a young Portuguese of rising renown, brought up at Redzepi’s world famous Noma, will be the second chef in the line up. Chef Pereira is leading a restaurant near Lisbon and soon on his own ground in his restaurant that will be opened in Spring in Porto.March |This month will be graced by the first female chef in the US that was awarded two Michelin stars, able to combine the intense fragrances of French cuisine with the West Coast atmosphere and her own “poetic culinaria” atAtelier Crenn in San Francisco.April |Is the month of . Arriving from his Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris where he was awarded three Michelin stars for his culinary craft, that mixes exquisite precision and a heterodox approach.May |This month will celebrate Matt Orlando, another Redzepi disciple, who relocated from New York to Copenhagen, capital of Nordic cuisine, where his restaurant Amass has been awarded a Michelin star.June |June will see yet another rising star from Australia, , whose elaboration of personal recipes combined withancient aboriginal tradition, has become the trademark that characterizes his Adelaide restaurant Orana.

The next few months of the third season of Epicurea will end with , who was awarded the nomination ofChef of the year 2015 by Identita’ Golose. The closing event of Epicurea 3 will also be the occasion for the executive chef of Il Ristorante Luca Fantin at Bulgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo to present the new book about his cuisine.

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