#FOURNews | Gastronomic theatre at the Science Museum

08 Sep 2015
2 min read
This is set to be the most unique movie night imaginable – with experimental chefs supplying edible treats to help the audience be immersed into a deeper sensory adventure.
Edible cinema

Never will cinema be the same after you have tried the edible cinema experience. This year it is collaborating with the London Science Museum to offer guests a full immersive experience of Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The edible cinema event follows on from other successful late night movie’s that have included Brazil, Romeo + Juliet, An American Werewolf in London, Perfume, Spinal Tap, Some Like It Hot, Withnail & I, Beetlejuice, Spirited Away, and Pan’s Labyrinth.

With creative teams behind the event that include superstar party organizer, Polly Betton and creative food event company Blanch & Shock, the edible cinema event aims to interpret the environment, dialogue and feeling of the film through the use of accompanying snacks and treats.

Previous screenings such as Pan’s Labyrinth featured pine-smoked popcorn to reflect the opening scene of characters walking through a
 pine forest. The woody aromas of the pine smoke and the onomatopoeic sound of the crunching mirrored the sound of feet on a pine needle floor and transported the audience to the scene, thus enhancing their overall sensory escapade. In another screening, An America Werewolf in London, the film features a scene where David sets his sights on the tramps that would soon become his evening meal. At this moment, guests were ushered to dine on a ‘tramps finger’, of smoked quail, complete with charcoal nail, which evoked shrieks from the audience who delightedly recoiled in the gruesome horror that the protagonist would soon unleash.

Without revealing too much about what will be in store for the upcoming screening of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Betton has suggested that you can “expect a sweet/savoury menu delivering some visceral thrills alongside the action on screen, including gum that tastes like a three course dinner and Augustus flavoured chocolate covered Goop.”

The edible cinema series is a whole new level of multi-sensory experiences, offering guests both a memorable visual and oral feast. For a new creative take on a normal outing to the cinema, leave the kids at home and enjoy this unusual display of gastronomic theatre.

Find out more information on the edible cinema events here