#FOURNEWS | FOUR Reveals International Winter edition

25 Nov 2014
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FOUR’s International Winter edition is revealed today and we chatted with our new chief designer Pieter Stander about his ideas and inspirations behind the new design…
What vision do you have for the design of FOUR’s publications?

The direction we want to go in is to create an almost ‘book-like’ magazine with striking visuals and engaging written content. We want to create a publication that people are amazedbyand keep around for a very long time.

What was the immediate impact of your changes in the design of FOUR Magazine?

I stripped it all back and looked at everything. It’s quite a departure in terms of style and changes includingnew templates and grids, a new layout and new typefaces. The aim was to simplify the reading experience, while allowing for a more generous use of space and imagery. The cover and the structure of the magazine follow a similar formula to previous issues.

What is your overall inspiration?

It’s difficult not to be inspired when working with such beautiful imagery so a lot of inspiration comes simply from the images I work with. Apart from that, everything else around me, from nature to the Underground!

What are your key criteria for the portrayal of food in FOUR’s publications?

The plates of food our chefs create are pieces of art in itself so to treat them delicately and with respect is really important to us. It’s all about the visuals and they speak for themselves really.