A federal judge on Wednesday lifted a statewide ban on the sale of foie gras, giving the option for chefs in the stateto put it back on the menu. The ban, which started two years ago, was lifted byU.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson who ruled that the ban clashes with an existing federal law that regulates the sale and distribution of poultry products.

Soon after the ban, several California restaurants filed lawsuits to counter it, and with this victory, many are already celebrating with foie gras tasting menus and dishes. While it is still illegal to produce foie gras in California, the ban allows chefs and restaurants to import it.Chefs took to Twitter to rejoice in the decision. Eater has a dedicated page to chefs reactions in California, with most of them putting it back on the menu within hours or days.

PETA groups are already protesting certain restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles. No matter where your opinion or stance is on the subject, it is seen as a victory for chefs. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.