#FOURNews | Fancy a forest feast with Food Think Tank?

22 Jul 2015
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The educational Polish food lab, Food Think Tank, has announced its 5th and biggest project to date. With a vision to create a modern version of a forest in the very heart of a city, plus fine dining to compliment, they have created a crowd funding project to make this epic gastronomic dream a reality.

Food Think Tank (FTT) is a group of experts diversified by their fields and laboratories but concentrated on the process of education and development. The binding factor being has been a desire to create anew vision of cuisine.Chefs, confectioners, scientists, students, artists, craftsmen, ceramicists, glass artists, musicians, film makers, performers, bartenders, baristas, farmers, copywriters, computer scientists and electronic engineers — each one ofdifferent, each oneworkswith a completely different matter in a different manner, with diverse tools, thanks to which he or she brings something entirely unique into theirwork.With this in mind, the food design becomes a real and valuable process of creating a new meaning of “taste”.

The FTT Collective came into being driven by the need for unbounded thoughts and actions, it is like an ocean for the craftsmen, where they can swim towards their own goals with the support of other professionals’ experience and knowledge. Now that is where all the new, better ideas come from. – Tomasz Hartman, founder of the FTT

Forest – Installation

With the best names from both Polish and international gastronomy involved in their projects, as well as hundreds of avid supporters, the previousFTT projects have been a roaring success.Together with aspecialist design team and months of preparation, the5th educational project has been unveiled.The new project entitled ‘Forest – Installation’ is based on avision to create a modern version of a forest in the very heart of a city, plus fine dining to compliment.A team of specialists will combine their skills and knowledge to explore the forest in its most basic elements. It aims totake the forest to pieces – examine its character in the context of nature as well as some of the cultural projections about it. The archetypal construct of the forest will be de-constructed and put back together once again.

The final aimof thisintricate, detailed and well plannedprocess will be a dinner for 36 people. With the gastronomicfocus being on how to ensure the guests attention is permanently placed at the table, the location of the dinner will be forest within a city centre. This experience will be heightened by the use of edible forest fruits, authentic smells, sights and sounds of forestal origin, and specially selected materials for thetableware that will evoke the sense of being in the heart of the woods.

The setting hopes to enableguests tointeractwith the table – and not just by consuming dishes. The dinner, regardless of the serving order and main schedule, will be enriched with an element of the unpredictable, brought about by the latest computer technologies. Light, motion and sound sensors will help us deepen our guests’ sensational impressions by triggering adequate effects. Thus the forest, detached from nature as it would seem at first, through cooperation of thespecialists, guests and the latest technology, will be recreated and brought to life once again.

In terms of what in store for the meal, there has been no specific dishes mentioned. Only that uncertainty, illusion and lies areterms ofgreat importance to the forest feast.Hints have been suggested that nothing will be simply served to them. In fact an effort to bring the meals onto their plates will be the general consensus during the meal. It is hoped that they will becomeso engaged in the ambience, that they will even start listening tothe signs and signals coming from theirforest surroundings in order to become their guides while they dine.

A dinner that calls uponall the human senses and takes the activity of dining to a whole new level.Whatwill ‘Forest – Installation’ taste like? It seems this will be decided based on the path chosen by the guests and can only be answered after the dinner is over.

For your chance to be part of this unique and exclusive event, head to the FTT ‘Forest -Installation’ crowdfunding project |www.indiegogo.com

Findmore information about Food Think Tank here |www.foodthinktank.pl