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06 Dec 2015
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On the 10th January The Palazzo Versace Dubai will be opening the World’s first ephemeral restaurant which will see it change its dining concept and world-class chefs four times a year…
Enigma – The Untold Story

Poised to take Dubai’s culinary scene by storm, Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai is set to open on 10th January 2016. Captivating stories will be told by the world’s best chefs with each new chapter ingeniously unfolding with suspense as the restaurant will keep its dining experience secret.

The restaurant, Enigma will offer one of the most exclusive dining experiences in the whole of the Middle East. Bringing some of the world’s best chefs to entertain few discerning diners and gastronomists on an unexpected multi-sensory journey, where they will tell their own unique culinary stories.

Speaking about how the carefully selected chefs will bring the Enigma concept to life, Patrick Robineau the hotel manager at the Palazzo Versace stated,

“The chefs selected are among the 50 best in the world, who have the culinary and creative prowess to reflect the Enigma persona and spirit, and deliver our vision. Enigma is a blank canvas for these talented chefs to paint their stories – give their souls through food. Together with the team, I am beyond excited to see Enigma come to life”

The newest edition to Dubai’s dining scene is set to be a massive success with booking requests already flooding in. As the name suggests, the hotly anticipated line up and the even more mysterious experience for the select few will leave people guessing right up until the last moment.

With the Michelin star chefs changing the overall dining concept four times a year, and the experience kept under strict lock and key until the next chapter, this really is a restaurant that will constantly be evolving and unfolding before your eyes. It is one of the first restaurants that will truly allow the chefs to mold the entire restaurant according to their individual gastronomic visions.

To whet the appetites of voracious diners the name of the first culinary masters is no less than the famous Spanish three Michelin starred chef Quique Dacosta.

The radical chef who is ranked #39 in the World’s 50 Best restaurant list will be the first chef to take centre stage at the unique and innovative restaurant. Known for being one of the pioneers of avant-garde cuisine in Spain, Quique has built a distinctive kitchen which contextualises Alicantine, Valencian, and Spanish innovative food.

With careful consideration of every part of the immersive culinary journey he takes diners on, Chef Dacosta embodies the Enigma concept.

“It is incredible to bring my cuisine to other parts of the world. I’m thrilled to make my mark in Dubai under Palazzo Versace and I hope that diners enjoy Enigma and my culinary selection, which has deep Mediterranean roots and avant-garde influences, as much as I will enjoy the experience,” said Quique Dacosta.

The “Untold story” of Quique will last from 10 January to 12 April 2016 only so keep updated at for all the latest updates and exclusive highlights from Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai.

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