#FOURNews | Dominique Crenn on Chefs Table

05 Jun 2016
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FOUR continues with the Chefs Table theme by showing you this exciting clip from the upcoming series featuring award-winning chef, Dominique Crenn…

After the announcement that Netflix is bringing back the highly successful show, Chef’s Table this May, FOUR brings you a sneak peek from the episode featuring top chef Dominique Crenn this coming Friday 10 May.

Growing up in France, Crenn developed a keen interest in cuisine from her parents who celebrated fine dining. While Crenn credits her mother for her early introduction to the culinary arts, she also attributes her passion for fine fare to her politician father and his best friend (a well-respected French food critic) from whom she learned to appreciate the subtle nuances and unique flavours of great cuisine during their numerous sojourns to Europe’s best restaurants.

Dominique Crenn, chef at two Michelin star restaurantAtelier Crennin San Francisco’s Cow Hollow district, focuses on cuisine as a craft and uses the community as an inspiration for her work. Based on the French word for studio, restaurantAtelier Crenncan be defined as chef Crenn’s workshop, especially for her artistry and design. This is a concept driven by chef Crenn’s modern vision for fine-French cuisine, where art is at the forefront. Crenn’s highly distinctive French heritage, imaginative gastronomic flair, and proven originality behind the stove at Atelier Crenn reflect her unique life story.

The first course of six episodes premieres on the streaming serviceFriday, May 27followed by four special episodes later in the year dedicated to four of the world’s most renowned French chefs, with the third course highlighting another six chefs to release in early 2017.

Video |San Francisco Film Societyon Vimeo