Master Chef has just launched his new book on the final year at his restaurant Oud Sluis called DESIRE with Minestrone Cookbooks, alongside food journalist Mara Grimm and photographer/publisher Tony Le Duc. The book – of which only 2,000 copies are set to be published, 1,600 in Dutch and 400 in English – has already been coined as a ‘limited edition’ and is available to order via the following website from today –

DESIREfocuses on Sergio’s final year at his three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Oud Sluis, which he closed late last year.

Made up of two parts, the first part of DESIRE contains photographs of a few of Sergio’s signature dishes which he created for the menu at Oud Sluis over the last year, including the entire final menu. The idea is that readers will be able to ‘walk through’ the menu, as if they were dining at the restaurant, offering the perfect keepsake for the staunch Oud Sluis fan.

The second part of DESIRE contains a series of interviews from Mara Grimm with Sergio, which are presented as a diary and give the book a very personal and heartfelt touch. The last interview for the book wasconducted immediately after the very last service on 22 December 2013.

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RRP: €149,50 (shipping costs not included)

ISBN: 978 94 90028 61 9