Restaurant of the year 2016

Sunday nightRestaurant CLOUwas awarded as “Restaurant of the Year” in Denmark by The Danish Dining Guide (Den Danske Spiseguide) amongst an impressive, strong group of fellow nominees:Noma, Kadeau Bornholm, Relæ, Søllerød Kro and Ruths Hotel.

Chef ownerstates,“This is an amazing culmination to a great year. To be awarded this in such a strong field of restaurants takes my breath away. My wingman in the kitchen, Martin, even screamed when it was announced.”Berntsen continues;“Chef Owner Jonathan Berntsen states: “A recognition like this motivates our staff and further enhances our belief in what we daily do, which comes 100% from passion, instinct and joy. Clou is a beauty moment that we every night create, improve and love to share, and I believe us to be the right path.”

The official statement from The Danish Dining Guide, that last night celebrated it’s 40th anniversary, to awarding Clou with this year’s grand price is:“The food at Clou isn’t dogmatic Danish/Scandinavian, in no way classic French, not predominantly vegetable based either, but with creations that totally carries the signature of the young boss. It’s with an innovative artistic brilliance that in its expression embodies the pure and utter joy of creation. With a great passion for wine and food matching you’re offered a total experience where balance is in focus and yumminess and enjoyment are assured.”

In addition to the main prize Clou was also accoladed for “Best Cheese Serving”, unarguably because of the restaurant’s massive cheese trolly and great knowledge into the world of affineurs. Clou was nominated in three categories.

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