#FOURNews | Clare Smyth going solo…

04 Oct 2015
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Highly acclaimed chef Clare Smyth has announced that she will be leaving Restaurant Gordon Ramsay to launch her own restaurant next year.
Goodbye Gordon…

For the past 11 years Clare Smyth has been Gordon Ramsay’s esteemed protégée, but the recent announcement suggests that this particular relationship has reached the end of the road, as Smyth reveals plans to start her own independent restaurant.

It has been said that she has received full support and blessings from her former tutor, as she takes the next natural step in any chef’s career path. She will also continue to acts as consultant chef until the new venue is finalised, so she will still maintain close ties with the Gordon Ramsay Group.

The chef who’s numerous accolades include being the first female in England to not only hold three Michelin stars, but also having kept them from the time of her appointment in 2007 until now, is set to open this new venture in Autumn 2016, with no other details as of yet.

Speaking about the decision to move forward Clare stated, “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has been a big part of my life. I have a great fondness for the restaurant and the team, it has formed me into the chef that I am today and I am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I also remain ambitious and want to build on my success.”

Having spent years honing in on her skills under the watchful eye of Chef Ramsay, we have no doubt that she will be equally as successful as she goes it alone.

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