#FOURNews | “City Of Gold” Premiers at Sundance

08 Feb 2015
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L.A. based, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold is the subject of a new documentary which premiered at Sundance capturing the diverse flavours of Los Angeles.

Holding a kind of cult status in the world of food writing and restaurant critique, Jonathan Gold is the subject of a new film by film maker Laura Gabbert. After convincing Gold of the project by portraying Los Angelese through his eyes, Gabbert and her crew spent four years filming for the project. The interviewed various friends, family and colleagues of Jonathan’s. As Evan Kleinman said “The film’s a visually beautiful yet chilled out portrayalofneighborhoods and people most visitors never see.”

Laura Gabbert’s own comments about the film show just how food can and does unite such a large and sprawling city. “The film is in some sense a love letter to Los Angeles… but it’s also about how we live… in a post-modern city. The sprawl, the the diversity, the complexity of it, and how we can discover and find compatibility with other cultures through food.”