Guestronomy contains more than fifty mouth-watering recipes that evoke the magic of Ciel Bleu to inspire readers to recreate them at home. But far more than a collection of tantalising dishes and images, it includes personal anecdotes from its vendors, founders, and staff that transform it from mere cookbook into a colourful portrait of the restaurant, and the realisation of a dream. Originally written in Dutch by the culinary journalist Jurriaan Geldermans, Guestronomy features the photography of Ivo Geskus.

 Guestronomy immerses readers in the world of Ciel Bleu by providing an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the experience of high-end dining. It sets the stage for this spectacular gastronomic event with an eloquent description of the impressive skyline, as viewed from the twenty-third floor of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, the restaurant’s location. It includes tales collected during the chef duo’s visits to various suppliers, each recounting a different vendor’s passion for their product. These stories offer a delightful insight as to why the chefs have selected that particular, exquisite ingredient to use in their recipes. The book also contains interviews with former colleagues who share their personal culinary experiences and interests, giving the reader a more intimate perspective on the inner-workings of Ciel Bleu.

Kokmeijer: “With Ciel Bleu, we are paving a new way, one where the guests are involved and central to the entire experience. With Guestronomy, the reader is taken through our creative process, the thought behind it, and what it means to us personally. The book offers a taste of what to expect when visiting Ciel Bleu, and on another level, it also evokes something in the imagination.” Guestronomy was written by the Dutch culinary journalist Jurriaan Geldermans, author of Ciel Bleu’s first book, Eigenzinnige Franse keuken (2007). The relationships between Ciel Bleu, chef, recipe, and dish are all beautifully captured in the book by the creative eye of photographer Ivo Geskus of SpecialPixels. Guestronomy is available for €75 at Hotel Okura Amsterdam.


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