FOURNews | Bringing ‘InPaella’ to London

16 Mar 2018
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InPaella, the new gastronomic venture for 3-star chef, Quique Dacosta will be in the form of a paella-based restuarant in the British Capital.

Set to open within the next few months, the new London-based restaurant will see paella forming the foundations of the menu.

The imminent venue will boast a contemporary and innovotive design, where diners will be able to experience a unique way of both enjoying, and cooking the dishes. With 25m of cookers, the process of creating and cooking the tradtional Spanish dishes can be enjoyed by all guests.

 Having sought advice from Paul Weldon Browne, Quique Dacosta will be liasing the internationally-renowned designers for the interiors of the InPaella Project.

The chef has spent a long time carrying out various trials for the restaurant, including tests with British wood, so that the native varities can be used for the wood-fired rices, as well as perfecting the formula for creating the best paella, so that the dish can be taken to the main capital city’s of the world,

Quique Dacosta, author of Arroces Contemporáneos (Contemporary Rices) and an expert when it comes to the world of rice, has dedicated a large part of his career to investigating the various varieties of rice, and the processes and techniques involved in cooking them.

With more details to be revealed soon, stay tuned to to fnd out the latest.