#FOURNews | Breaking the rules with Corey Lee

16 Aug 2016
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Corey Lee’s newest venture is fast becoming the talk of the town with its highly original approach to culinary artistic licence.

Korean-bornCorey Lee ischef owner of Benu. Aiming to make his guests feel relaxed andcomfortable at Benu, Corey serves modernAmerican cuisine, which highlights SanFrancisco’s bounty of local and fresh produce.Further emphasising the synergy betweenthe restaurant and its location, Corey’s cuisinefinds its roots in the city’s multiculturalismand “explores how Asian flavours, ideas, andaesthetics can harmonize with Western ones,”he says in his.

Corey’scareerspans nearly 20 years and has seen himworkinthe kitchens of some of the most acclaimedrestaurants in the world. This is perhaps where the inspiration for his newest venturecame about as Lee has chosen to create a highly unique menu that comprises solely of other peoples signature creations.

Located on the ground floor of the recently renovated San Francisco Museum of Art,In Situ offers a rotating menu that uses the recipes of over 80 high profile chefs from around the globe. The Michelin star chef of Benuhas collaborated with executive chef Brandon Rodgers tocurate a menu that is essentially a collection of chef greatest hits.

The changing menu will include recipes from bothlocal chefs likeAnthony Myint, to other award-winning greats such as David Chang ofMomofuku Ssäm Barand Spanish chefAndoni Luis Aduriz ofMugaritz.

The process of collecting the recipes has taken months, if not years, as some of the chefs sent recipes, some sent diagrams, and a fewdemonstrated the dish to Lee in person, but ultimatelyeach dish was the guest chefs’ choice. This idea isn’t itself unique as many chefs over the years have explicitly paid homage to their tutors and great masters by dedicating dishes on their menus, but having a menu solely dedicated to a permenent collection of curated recipes is definitely a first.

Current menu highlights include;

Caramelized carrot soup withcoconut foam andchaat masala

Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Cuisine |Bellevue, Washington, 2011

Dadinhos de tapioca -tapioca and cheese fritters

Rodrigo Oliveira, Mocotó |São Paulo, Brazil, 2005

Lettuce Sandwich withfermented romaine, goat cheese, olive oil

Christian Puglisi, Relæ |Copenhagen, Denmark, 2015

Croque Astrance withsaint-nectaire, black truffle andpain de mie

Pascal Barbot, Astrance |Paris, France, 2011

Buttermilk fried chicken and pine salt

Isaac McHale, The Clove Club |London, England, 2008

Ketchup fried rice with afried egg andsesame seeds

Roy Choi, L.A. Son |Los Angeles, California, 2013

Summery warm tomato and basil tart

Michel Guérard, Les Prés d’Eugénie – Michel Guérard |Eugénie-les-Bains, France, 1981

Ice cream of salted butter withhazelnuts andmolasses.

Esben Holmboe Bang, Maaemo |Oslo, Norway, 2010

Sage smoked dark chocolate brownie

Dominique Ansel, Dominique Ansel Kitchen |New York City, 2015

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