#FOURNews | Brae: Recipes and Stories from the Restaurant by Dan Hunter

25 Feb 2017
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Brae is the debut book from Dan Hunter, an award-winning pioneer of modern Australian cooking.

Phaidon is delighted to publishBrae, the highly anticipated monograph by internationally acclaimed Australian chef, Dan Hunter. Ranked #2 in Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants, Brae is Hunter’s first restaurant and is considered to be one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the country. This exquisite volume explores the innovative locavore philosophy Hunter has implemented at Brae, alongside signature recipes from the menu and stunning photography that bring to life this remarkable restaurant at the heart of the Australian food scene.

The book begins with the ‘Road to Brae’, Hunter’s personal journey from kitchen porter to head chef in some of the world’s best restaurants, to chef-patron of Brae, which he established in 2013. Each chapter explores a fundamental element that makes Brae unique, from the homemade and outdoor masonry bread oven to the organic gardens and locally sourced ingredients. Each are paired with personal essays about Hunter’s own ethical vision for his restaurant. Brae also provides an insight into the day-to-day running of a world-class restaurant and the etiquette and practices expected in Brae’s impressive kitchen.

Hunter’s vision for Brae centres on a connection with the surrounding environment and the conviction that local produce if treated with respected, can inspire stunningly creative gastronomy. The idea of a family business situated on a small property, serving the food it produces with warmth and imagination is fundamental to the essence of Brae. Wanting to share a dialogue about ethical practice as well as flavour, Brae has created a welcoming environment in which the dishes lead the story and ends with a message far greater than the meal. Through the nurturing and sustaining of the produce used in the kitchen, the staff become inspired by what the earth can provide and how they can elevate this flavour without losing the essence of the ingredient.

Braefeatures 150 striking photographs of the serene Australian landscapes including breathtaking shots of the changing seasons, staff tending the gardens, and photographs of the beautifully crafted dishes served at Brae. Unique to Brae’s location and the abundance of native ingredients available, Hunter introduces readers to hāpuku, wallaby and finger lime, showcasing his innovative interpretation of modern Australian cuisine. Achieving the perfect fusion of hyper-local and international influence, Hunter has created a harmonious blend of gourmet food by enhancing these quality ingredients with expert skill and precision.

Beautifully designed,Braewill give gastronomes and wanderlusts a serene glimpse of a naturally bountiful part of Australia whilst giving an exclusive insight into the philosophy and kitchen of one of Australia’s best chefs.

Brae by Dan Hunter is published by Phaidon 1 May 2017

Hardback £39.95 | 150 colour illustrations | 256 pages | 290 x 214 mm | ISBN: 9780714874142