#FOURNews | Best in 2015 – #1

11 Feb 2016
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We’ve kept you guessing long enough, but the wait is finally over and the top spot in our #FOURbestin2015 winner can finally be revealed….

With the list of #FOURbestin2015nearly complete, we would just like to say a final massive thank you to all those who #hadyoursay. FOUR’sfirst ever ‘People’s Choice Award’proved to be a fantastic opportunity to hear whoour fabulous readers felt deserved a place on the list of best restaurants in terms of dining experienceand quality offood for 2015. With some sure favourites, some unusual candidates and some interesting ‘one’s to watch’, the results as voted for bu you,have been a real voyage of culinary discovery…

FOUR can finally reveal who topped the list to claim the number one spot for the Best Restaurant in 2015.

#1 -Osteria Francescana | Modena, Italy (Massimo Bottura)

is the chef patron of three Michelin-starred restaurant, Osteria Francescana in Italy and an ambassador of modern Italian cuisine. His kitchen is full of compelling contradictions: it is both traditional and conceptual; it is deceivingly minimalist in its presentation and yet full of complex flavours, textures and cultural references to art, literature and history. Massimo Bottura creates real works of art through his food.

His career began in 1986 with apprenticeships under culinary masters like Georges Coigny and Alain Ducasse at Hotel de Paris Montecarlo, forming a foundation of regional Italian cooking and classical French training. The accolades then started to tumble onto chef Bottura’s culinary CV when, in 1995 Bottura opened his Osteria Francescana, where he was free to combine his indisputable talent with his creativity.

Three Michelin stars and secondplace ranking in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Chef Bottura’s gastronomic aptitude is at the forefront of modern Italian cuisine. He freely shares his creative process and his respect for the best ingredients.

Photography byPaulo Terzi

Osteria Francescana

Via Stella, 22

41121 Modena