#FOURNews | ‘Back to basics’ at The Dorchester

03 Aug 2015
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Intimate wine tastings and basic wine classes will now be offered from Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester…
‘Back to basics’

If you have ever wanted to learn a little bit more about the wine you are quaffing then there’s no better place to start learning than at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. The new series that offers intimate wine classes at the fine dining restaurant, Alain Ducasse, will cover the basics of wine tasting accompanied by a specially selected wine menu. The exclusive sessions will be hosted by Vincent Pastorello, Head of Wines for The Dorchester and Christopher Bothwell, Head Sommelier at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

Vincent Pastorello, Head of Wines for The Dorchester said:

“My passion is wine and when I am speaking to a guests at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester I want them to get them excited about wine too. But I mostly want them to feel comfortable; comfortable enough to ask questions, get the bottle they want for their budget and really sit back and enjoy it. The purpose of these classes is to take people right back to basics, no fancy jargon, we just want to help people understand how to get the best from wine at home or from a sommelier at a restaurant – and simply enjoy it.”

The two-hour private sessions aim to make guests feel more at ease when navigating the endless possibilities of wine. Whether this is simply to choose a delicious tipple to accompany a dinner party, or whether it be to select a fine wine to compliment a Michelin-star meal, the course aims to address all these issues.

The classes, which will try to encourage an enjoyable, non-formal experience, will be paired with canapés prepared by the restaurant and cover three main areas;

Wine Etiquette | Hosted by Vincent Pastello, introducing correct wine etiquette, will offer expert sommelier advice on the basics of wine, such as how best to store wine, correctly open a bottle, decant and serve wine to your guests at home.

Wine Tasting | The tasting part of the sessions is where the guests will learn how to differentiate wines by their look, smell and taste. The group will then go on to discuss the individual characteristics of each wine so guests will be able to identify grape varieties.

Wine Pairing | There can never be fine wine without fine food and this is where Head Chef Jocelyn Herland steps in. He will provide a selection of canapés for the occasion, paired to each wine taste, so guests can experience how carefully selected wines enhance and alter the flavour of specific dishes.

So if you have ever wondered whether you are serving the right red with your main, or the right temperature for your special bubbly, then this may be the course for you. With an expert team of sommeliers and chefs on hand to answer any questions, this tasting will definitely leave you wanting to know more.

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