#FOURNews | Armani’s culinary experiences 2017

05 Feb 2017
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This year Armani Hotel Dubai will dazzle guests with an array of gastronomic experiences to show off the best of Eastern culinary artistry…
Hamachi takes centre stage

Upscale Japanese restaurant Armani/Hashi opens 2017 with a showcase of Far Eastern culinary artistry, using one of Japan’s most revered ingredients – the Japanese yellowtail fish – known as Hamachi – to create a special four-course menu by Chef Jin Chul throughout February 2017.

Native to the north western Pacific Ocean, yellowtail is considered a seasonal winter favourite. It has a distinctive flavour with a rich, buttery texture that lends itself well to a number of different preparations including a delicate yellowtail ceviche, accented with mitsuba, ponzu, sesame oil and decorated with edible flowers. A crisp serving of traditional tempura follows, with a garnish of shiso leaves, the Japanese ginger known as myoga, and a rich yet zesty umeboshi aïoli.

The simple beauty of a fresh yellowtail fillet is transformed for our main course, which is prepared teppanyaki style with hajikami, and dressed with a yuzu miso. The simple yet intricately flavoured menu concludes with a lemongrass Eton Mess featuring mango chunks, lime meringue and served with a passion fruit sorbet.

Armani/Ristorante master classes

Learn the art of cooking with one of the world’s most expensive ingredients as Armani/Ristorante launches its 2017 Master Class series with a half-day session dedicated to the black truffle.

Join Chef Alessandro Salvatico at Armani/Ristorante to cook a three-dish menu that includes a warm green bean, potato and black truffle salad, mushroom, marjoram and truffle tagliatelle, and exquisite preparation of black truffle scallop gratin with artichokes and cabbage.

“Many home cooks are a little apprehensive when handling such a high-priced item, and our master classes are designed to demonstrate the versatility of even the most luxurious ingredients. Just a shaving or two of black truffle can transform any dish, and my threecourse menu makes for a show-stopping dinner party that anyone can handle,” said Chef Alessandro, the restaurant’s speciality head chef.

Armani/Ristorante sources its black winter truffles from Norcia, in the culinary heartland of Umbria, which suffered extensive damage in the recent earthquake, which destroyed its famous Basilica St Benedict. “With this menu we will pay homage to Umbria, its people and the black truffle. We alsoimport two exceptional 2 EVOO olive oils from the area, which I have been using in my recipes since 2001; so this will be a true culinary celebration of one of my homeland’s most beautiful regions,” remarked Chef Alessandro.

The February masterclass will teach participants to cook from the heart and add some love to the perfect sweet finish. Step into the Armani/Ristorante kitchen with Chef Fabien Fayolle on 11thFebruary and learn how to make a trio of puddings. Try your hand at rose macarons with a white chocolate ganache coating to rival Fauchon or Ladurée; discover the secret to making that popular favourite, a molten chocolate cake, oozing with raspberry filling and served with vanilla ice cream; and up the romance courtesy of a classic Bretagne sablé shortbread, with a seasonally appropriate strawberries and cream twist.

The Feburarymasterclasses isavailable 11thFebruary and costs £134 for one person, or £223 per couple.

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