#FOURNews | A taste of “yue cai” in Lai Bun Fu

02 Aug 2015
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Travel to the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine with the new summer menu at Lai Bun Fu.
Summer in China

If you have ever wondered where to find truly good “yue cai”, or authentic Cantonese cuisine, then look no further than Lai Bun Fu.The infamous Chinese fine-dining restaurant in Hong Kong will now be offering authentic classics that have been inspired from the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, the Guangzhou region in China.

The summer specials are the creation of Chung Kin Leung, who is not only former head chef of the Government House in Hong Kong, but also originally from the region of Guangzhou itself. With his expert knowledge on Cantonese cooking, his signature style combines traditionally simple dishes with exquisite flavours. The seasonal offerings at Lai bun Fu are inspired by local specialities from Shunde, on the Pearl River Estuary. The area achieved international recognition when, the traditional cuisine was spread by its amahdomestic helpers, famed for cooking like Michelin-star chefs when they emigrated to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Some of the highlights available at Lai Bun Fu this summer include pan-fried minced mud fish with lotus root and black truffle, assorted seafood soup served with papaya, steamed crab and egg with flat rice noodles, which have been flavoured with Hua Diao Wine Sauce, from the famous wine making city of Shaoxing. Traditional offerings such as, braised whole fish presented on a fresh lotus leaf, and scented with the summer water plant and Shiitake mushrooms, as well as the modern-day delicacy that is beloved in Chinese cuisine, whole iced abalone in Hua Diao wine.

With an emphasis on how to create something exquisite from the usually mundane produce available in Shunde, Chef Chung creates refined and modern dishes, from classic flavours.

The elegant dining experience is complemented with quality teas, wines and cocktails, while the décor transports guests back to the colonial days of yesteryear, with the sophisticated marbled floors, forest green panelled walls and refined Chinese antiques, as old favourite Chinese songs are played in the background.

Lai Bun Fu


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