#FOURNews | 67 Pall Mall – Newest edition to the private club collection

04 Dec 2015
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London welcomes it’s newest private members club in the form of 67 Pall Mall this coming Monday 7th December…
Wine vaults for the elite

Describing itself as finally offering London’s wine connoisseurs a home, this new exclusive hang out for the elite will take it’s residence in Sir Edwin Lutyens’ former Banking Hall, in the heart of Pall Mall’s St James’s area.

The exclusive members club is the newest edition to the private retreats of the area for nearly a hundred years, and prides itself on being focused around some of the finest and rarest wines and spirits in the world.

It’s motto of being founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers, provides a truly unique twist on the concept of private haunts. 67 Pall Mall has transformed the classic building into a luxurious, convivial and welcoming clubhouse for all those who want to embrace viticulture to its fullest.

Speaking on the subject of how the club was born, Grant Ashton, CEO and Founder of 67 Pall Mall said,

“Essentially, I got fed up of being mugged by punitive London mark-ups on fine wine. Like a lot of people, I’d stopped drinking seriously good wine in restaurant. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford to, but simply because I was no longer prepared to pay the egregious, nonsensical prices that were being asked. What stuck in my throat was that I knew exactly what these wines had cost to buy. In the end, I just ended up drinking wine at home and at friends’ dinner parties”

Instead, 67 Pall Mall will allow members access to enjoy 20-40% mark-ups on the wines rather than 300 to 400%, making trying the classic vintages financially and physically viable. Here they want the unique and rare gems to be enjoyed, not just gather dust and be admired from afar.

The unrivalled wine vault, which comprises of over 5,000 wines, with 500 being available by the glass, has been expertly curated by resident sommelier, Ronan Sayburn former Executive Head Sommelier for Gordon Ramsay Holdings, and Head of Wine for the Dorchester Collection. He will be conducting wine tastings and sharing his wealth of knowledge with the elite few members of this exclusive wine club, for the bargain price of a £1,000 joining fee, and a £1,000 annual subscription thereafter.

For this you are gaining access to the best food and wines, as well as access to exclusive events, talks, tastings and dinners with the world’s best chateau owners, winemakers, and industry experts. Members will also have access to Wine & Spirit Education Trust courses from beginner level to expert. Members can also share their collections with other members with 67 Pall Mall’s in-house merchant, allowing members to buy and sell wine.

In the words of 67 Pall Mall, “It has been said that life is too short to drink bad wine. We wholeheartedly agree and believe that our fair pricing structure will entice our members to broaden and deepen their fine wine experiences. It is the accessibility of the Club’s wine, both physically and financially that underpins all that we do”

67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall

St. James’s