#FOURINT | Cocktail recipes

09 Jan 2015
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Delicious cocktail recipes by Kamil Foltan, from FOUR’s latest Autumn international issue…


Smoky Old Bastard
60ml Ardbeg 10 years old

15ml Cigar syrup

3 dashes aromatic bitters

Juniper Sling

30ml Tanqueray 10 gin

10ml Creme de cassis

5ml Orange curracao

15ml Strawberry & cardamon syrup

25ml lemon juice

4 pcs of strawberry

La Perla

35ml Patron Reposado,

15ml Yellow Chartreause,

25ml fresh lime juice,

10ml Agave, 10ml Calamansi syrup.

Jersey Lightening

45ml Bulleit bourbon

25ml fresh lemon juice

20ml green apple and cinnamon syrup

25ml egg white

3 dashes of angostura bitters


Smoky Old Bastard

Put all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir about 20 times. Strain into glass,smoke the glass and serve.

Juniper Sling

Muddle strawberries in shaker add the rest of the ingredients, add ice and shake,double strain into glass and serve.

La Perla

Pour all ingredients into a Tiki cup, add crushed ice, stir with swizzle stick, topup with crush ice and garnish with 2 straws, mint spring and raspberry.

Jersey Lightening

Pour all ingredients into shaker, dry shake twice, add ice shake again and straininto chilled glass. Garnish with dried apple slice.